HOW TO - sign up for a swim meet

 The steps for registering your swimmer for a swim meet are as follows:

  • After signing into your Team Unify account, click on the “Meets and Events” tab across the top
  • Scroll down to the swim meet you would like to register for
  • Click on “Sign-Up Here” under the athlete sign-up column
  • Click on “Attend/Decline” button (top right) 
  • Click on your swimmer’s name under “Member Name” 
  • Under “Declaration” click on the drop-down arrow and select “Yes, please sign (swimmer’s name) up for this event”
  • Click on “Save Changes” button (bottom right) 
  • Make sure you see a green check mark and the word "Committed" under the member commitment column 
  • You should receive a "Meet Declaration Confirmation" email from MSSC Administrator via Team Unify immediately after signing up
  • PLEASE NOTE: The coach will enter your swimmer into the appropriate events. You may leave a message for the coach in the "Notes" box, but please be specific (i.e. John cannot swim on Saturday, please sign him up for events on Sunday only).
  • Pay close attention to the “Sign-up Deadline”, coaches will not be able to add swimmers to the meet after this date. If a rare exception is made, then double meet entries fees will be charged.
  • All fees are non-refundable after the registration deadline has passed. You do not need to drop off a check. Your MSSC account will be billed automatically in a subsequent month. If you have any questions regarding meet sign up, please contact your team manager.