Parent Code

MSSC Parent Code of Conduct

 This Code of Conduct was developed as a standard to emphasize our organization’s commitment to making everyone’s involvement with our team a positive experience.

We as an organization highly encourage the following parent behavior:

• Open communication between parents, athletes, and coaches, emphasizing goal-setting and focusing on performance expectations of both the athlete and parents.
• Meeting with the coaches/athletes/parents during normal operating hours to discuss issues.
• Positive reinforcement of all athletes in all situations; team spirit, team loyalty.
• Parent involvement in the MSSC organizing and running of competitions and other team events.

The purpose of a code of conduct for parents is to establish consistent expectations for behavior by parents.  As a parent/guardian, I understand the important growth and developmental support that my child’s participation fosters.  I also understand that it is essential to provide the coaching staff with respect and the authority to coach the team. 

I agree with the following statements:

❏ I will set the right example for our children by demonstrating sportsmanship and showing respect, positive communication, and common courtesy at all times to the team members, coaches, competitors, officials, parents, and all times.
❏ I understand that the swim meet schedule is approved ahead of time by the coaching staff; parents should not seek to enter other meets on their own.

❏ I will not coach my child from the stands during practices or meets.
❏ I understand that criticizing, name-calling, use of abusive language or gestures directed toward coaches, officials, volunteers, and/or any participating swimmer will not be tolerated.
❏ During competitions, questions or concerns regarding decisions made by officials are directed to a member of our coaching staff. Parents address officials via the coaching staff only.
❏ I will direct my concerns to first to my child’s coach then, if not satisfied, to the Team Manager.

Sanctions: Should I conduct myself in such a way that brings discredit or discord to the team, or our national governing body, I voluntarily subject myself to disciplinary action. MSSC maintains the right to terminate any membership with cause in the interest of our vision, mission, and objectives.

 I understand the above expectations and that my failure to adhere to them may result in disciplinary action.