Submit Hours

Meet sign-ups are usually available 1 week prior to the event and can be found on the PVS Meet schedule page under the event: http://pvswim.org/schedule.html 

Please complete the form below to help us track your hours appropriately.

- Tips to ensure credit -
PLEASE use your ACCOUNT last name when entering.
Only submit hours once for the whole meet.

Do not submit Officiating Hours. Those are collected at the end of the year through PVS.

Form is below or can be found here: https://forms.gle/6Fy4KtN7om7n2xMg9

Please submit Proof of Service Here AFTER Submitting the form above.  Drop box is only used to verify hours submitted through the google form. https://www.dropbox.com/request/zvfSkz9dymingow3DrD8

Any of the following options can qualify as proof of Service:
- Picture of Timer Sign-in Sheet
- Screenshot of Sign up Genius or Sign 
up list online
- Picture of you performing the Service... Smile!

* IF you forget to document proof of service we understand and will look to other uploaded images of timer sign-ins to verify your service.