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General Swim Team Questions:

Who can answer my questions about the swim team?
Your questions can be answered by any of the coaches on the FISH. Please click here and your questions will then be directed to the right coach. Or you can contact a coach directly by emailing them. All FISH coaches emails can be found next to their bios here

What are the requirements for my child to join the FISH Swim Team?
Swimmers are required to complete a tryout before joining the FISH Swim Team. Depending on your age, we look for the following things...

Swimmers 8 and Under:

  • 25 yard Freestyle with side breathing
  • 25 yard Backstroke
  • 25 yards of either breaststroke kick or dolphin kick (8 year olds only)
  • Head First Dive into the Water 

Swimmers 9 and Over:

  • Legal 100 IM (25 yards of each stroke - Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle)
  • Head First Dive into the Water

Once a swimmer completes a tryout, we will be able to properly tell you where your swimmer should be placed on the team. 

How do I view my swimmer's times on our website?
Once you have logged into your account, click on the "My Account" tab and then "My Meet Results". Select "My Results" and modify the search as you wish. Hit the "search" button when you are ready. You should see all of your times or your child's times. 

How do I contact a coach?
The best way to speak to your child's coach is via email. The email addresses for each coach can be found on our website under the coaches page here. If more information or communication is needed after an email, your child's coach will be happy to set up a time to discuss something in person or over the phone. 

When can I talk to my swimmer's coach?
If you would like to talk to your swimmer's coach while at practice, please arrange with your coach if they would like to meet before or after practice times. However, please be respectful of your coach's time, and be aware that other parents may be waiting to talk to the coach too. If you need to have an extended or private conversation with a coach, please consider emailing or phoning a coach instead of approaching the coach on his/her way out of practice.