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Swim Meets:

Where do we find information about upcoming swim meets/events for our swimmers?
The "Events" tab at the top of the menu will list all dates for upcoming swim meets and team events. FISH coaches will send out emails notifying swimmers when they are invited to swim meets and what events they will be swimming. However, if you want to find out more information about a specific meet, click on the specific meet name under the "Events" tab and information such as the meet invite, timelines, session information, warm-up times, etc. All this information and more will be posted under the meet name as soon as it is available to the coaches. 

How do I register my swimmer for a swim meet?
Once meet information has been received by the coaches, they will put together a grid of athletes who are invited to that meet. If you are invited, an email will go out announcing your invitation. After you have been invited, please log into the website and click on the "Events" tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the meet you wish to have your child attend, and click on the "Attend this Event" button. Choose the name of the child you wish to register, and click on it. You will see a tab that asks for YES or NO; choose YES or NO (if you want to decline the invitation). Then you will be allowed to choose which session your child is able to attend and leave a note in the comments box for the coaches to see. 

Please note that you must also log into your account if you wish to decline the event as well otherwise your swimmer will be automatically entered and you will be charged the meet fees. 

Who enters my swimmers in events?
The coaches will enter all swimmers in events at each meet. Parents and swimmers may leave comments in the comment box when registering for the meet, but please note that the coaching staff has the final decision on all events the swimmers compete in. These decisions are made as part of their overall development of the swimmer and plans entries on a season long basis rather than just meet to meet. 

What are time standards and where do I find them?
Time standards are a set of times set by Host Teams, PVS Swimming, or USA Swimming meant to encourage swimmers to step up their swimming to the next level and to allow swimmers to compete against swimmers of similar ability either in PVS Swimming or across the United States. Time standards are not put in place at all swim meets, only some. Important Time Standards that our FISH swimmers should be aware of can be found under the "Events" tab in the Time Standards section. 

What do I do for Positive Check-In events?
It is the athlete's responsibility to check-in. Athletes who do not check-in by the deadline are scratched from the event.

The list of athletes entered into an event requiring Positive Check-in is usually posted on a wall or table on the pool deck or with your coach. Names are in alphabetical order by event and each name has a line before it for an athlete to put their initials if they intend to swim the event. If an athlete knows that he/she will not swim the event, they can either not put his/her initials on the line or clearly write the word "SCRATCH" on the line. Swimmers are NOT allowed to scratch an event throug without coaches approval. 

What is a disqualification, and what are some general examples of how it could happen?
A disqualification is when a swimmer incorrectly completes a skill during a competition. This could be a stroke infraction, a turn infraction, a false start, etc. The technical rules of swimming are designed to provide fair and equitable conditions of competition and to promote uniformity in the sport. Each swimming stroke has specific rules designed to ensure that no swimmers get an unfair competitive advantage over another swimmer. 

At swim meets, officials will walk up and down the pool as swimmers compete observing them and making sure each swimmer is not performing an illegal infractions. If a swimmer is caught performing an illegal movement, the official will disqualify the swimmer and the time will not count. 

Disqualifications are an important part of the learning process for every swimmer. When talking to the swimmer after a disqualification simply ask them what they have learned from the incident and encourage them not to be upset, but to learn from it. Some examples of disqualifications include:

Freestyle: walking on the bottom, pulling on the lane rope, not completing the race, false start
Backstroke: rolling onto your stomach, not finishing on your back
Breaststroke: illegal kick, touching the wall with only one hand, alternating arms
Butterfly: alternating arms or legs, touching the wall with only one hand, arms not recovering over the surface (underwater recovery)

What does my swimmer need to bring to a swim meet?
Swimmers should bring the following items to swim meets...

  • 2 Towels
  • 2 Swim Caps
  • 2 Pairs of Goggles
  • 2 Swim Suits
  • Team T-Shirt (or other FISH clothing)
  • Shoes
  • Warm Clothes
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Water Bottle

Also parents should consider bringing the following items to swim meets as well...

  • Money for snacks and heat sheets
  • Pen, Highlighter, Sharpie
  • Healthy Snacks
    • Water / Gatorade
    • Protein Bars
    • Fruits and Vegetables
    • Trail Mix

When should we get to a swim meet?
Each swim meet is broken down into sessions. Depending on what time your swimmers session begins determines the appropriate time to arrive at the pool. We recommend that all swimmers arrive at the pool at least 15 minutes prior to the start of warm-ups so the coaches know who is there and ready to swim. This is especially important for meets where there is positive check in for events. If a swimmer shows up late and misses the positive check in, they may not be able to swim all or some of their races. 

Where do I find information about times/events/sessions?
Meet information for every meet in which we compete is posted on our website under the "Events" tab. Just click on the meet you are interested in and you will find information such as location of the meet, warm-up times, cost per event, etc. 

How can I find out my athlete's time in an event?
Meet results are posted - usually on a wall in the spectator area of the pool. If there is an electronic score board at the meet, the times that show up on the scoreboard are unofficial until certified by the meet officials. The time listed on the posted meet results is the official time for the swim and may differ from the time that was shown on the scoreboard. Full meet results are also posted on the PVS website in the Meet Schedules and Results Section.

If you see what you think is an error in the results, let your coach know so they can get it corrected by the officials. 

Also an athlete may have been Disqualified (DQ'ed) in an event, and listed as a DQ in the meet results, for a stroke infraction (example: one hand touch in breaststroke). Sometimes the specific reason for the disqualification will be listed in the posted meet results. If you need more information about the specific infraction, contact your coach after the meet, NOT the officials. 

How much do swim meets cost?
Each swim meet has its own cost. The team hosting the meet sets up their own entry fees. Some teams offer a per event charge while others offer a flat rate fee for the entire weekend. A typical two day meet will cost an individual swimmer around $30.00 to $50.00 or more depending on the if there is an athlete surcharge and the number of events the swimmer will be entered in. 

Also please note that the FISH charges an additional $0.50 per event that the swimmer is signed up to swim.

What are the volunteer and donation requirements for the FISH?
At all FISH hosted meets we require that parents complete the following two tasks...

  1. Food Donation: Each parent who has a swimmer participating in one of our FISH hosted meets need to donate food towards concessions or hospitality worth $20.00. If you cannot provide a food item, we ask you to contribute $25.00.
  2. Working the meet: Each parent who has a swimmer competing in one of our FISH hosted meets, needs to work two sessions per meet. Sign up sheets are available prior to the meet and you can choose from various jobs listed below. However please know that if you cannot fulfill your meet volunteer obligation, you will be charged $125.00.