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Become an Official


What are the requirements for becoming an official?
There are only two main requirements for becoming an official..

  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. PVS and USA Swimming Member (Background screen and Athlete Protection Training - online)

What are the steps to becoming a PVS Official?
Here are the steps needed to become a PVS Official...

  1. Attend PVS Clinic
  2. Become USA Swimming Member
  3. Complete 5 apprentice sessions
  4. Complete online USA Swimming Test (if required)
  5. Complete Final Evaluation (by contacting Club Officials Chair of the host team, he/she will help to find an evaluator)

What are the different types of Official Positions?
There are numerous types of Officials positions available. Please note that some require more than one year of training and additional tests and certifications...

  • Stroke and Turn Official (ST)
  • Referee - Prior: Starter and Chief Judge for 1 year
  • Starter - Prior: Stroke and Turn for 1 year
  • Chief Judges (CJ) - Prior: Stroke and Turn for 2 years
  • Timing System Operator (ETS)
  • Hy-Tek Computer Operator
  • Admin Official (AO) - Prior: Hy-Tek for 1 year & ETS Certification

For more details about each type of Official, please visit or you can check out the FISH website here about our officials! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Team Officials Chair, Marcia Hemminger at