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What are the volunteer and donation requirements for the FISH at a swim meet?
At all FISH hosted meets we require that parents complete the following two tasks...

1. Working the meet:To fill your volunteering requirement, you must:

  • Volunteer during each session that your swimmer(s) is signed up for
  • Stay for the entire session that you are signed up to work at
  • In the event that team participation is higher than the number of volunteer opportunities available, we will send out an e-mail announcing that we have opened a “Volunteer Donation” position. This will be a $20 donation, charged to your account, for those who were not able to get a volunteering spot. You must still sign up for this position, just as you would any other position, in order to avoid being charged the $75.00 No Volunteer Fee. 

2. Donation: Families are also required to donate one food item, per swimmer/per meet. These food items will either be used at Concessions or Hospitality. Once again, if the number of swimmers exceeds the number of donation slots available, you will need to sign up for a $20 Donation (which will be charged to your account). 

How do I become more involved as a volunteer?

  • FISH parents can become more involved by helping out at Team Social events like the Cook and Ride and volunteering to time and officiate at non team hosted swim meets.