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Social Events

Social Events:

How do I find out about team social events?
Social events will usually be announced via email a few weeks prior to the event. They will also be posted on the website under the "Events" tab. As events get closer, reminder emails will be sent out and coaches will post information about team social events on their group pages as well. 

What kind of social events are expected?
Different social events can be expected all throughout the year. Some are for specific groups others are for the entire team. Some all team social events to look forward to include the Annual Holiday Bowling Party and the End of Year Team Picnic

How do we sign up for these social events?
Event sign-ups will be made available on the website and an email notification will be sent out with further details about the event. To sign up, log into your account on the website and locate the event sign-up under the "Events" tab. Here you will be able to commit how many members of your family will be attending or sign-up on the job sign up to volunteer or to bring donations. 

Is there an additional fee for events?
For some events there will be a fee to offset costs but it will be announced ahead of time and listed on the event page under the event and specified in the email.