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Age Group III

Age Group III

Coaches: Coach Jeanne (703.965.8479) & Coach Ryan (703.965.3424)

Practice Locations: Spring Hill RECenter in McLean, VA and the Madeira School located on Georgetown Pike in McLean.

Swimmers practice three times per week.

The success of the Age Group FISH is measured in the ability to swim and compete in all strokes well. This is accomplished by focusing on the following objectives:

  • to prepare swimmers to be able to swim and compete in all strokes well,
  • to provide experience and training in stroke technique and beginning racing strategies which are necessary to successfully compete at this level,
  • to train with a balance between stroke technique and introductory training skills and processes,
  • to develop a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment so that swimming can become an enjoyable lifelong sport.

From the MINI FISH group, athletes move into this group. Swimmers must be able to complete the 'Goals of the MINI FISH Group' to move up into the Age-Group FISH.

Swimmers may be invited by their coach to swim with the Advanced Age Group FISH practice on Saturday evening, if they can keep up and have perfect attendance for the week.

Practice duration is one hour and twenty minutes.

One hour of practice time will be spent in the water. 

There is no attendance requirement for this group.  However, attending as many practices as this group recommends will ensure that swimmers will improve and make friends.