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Coaches: Coach Matt (703.946.9471)
Practice Location: Spring Hill RECenter in McLean, VA  during the week and at Wakefield Park in Annandale on Sundays. 

1) Regular practice attendance on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, along with Saturdays (AM) and Sundays (AM).  In  addition, we offer am long course practices on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Practice attendance of at least 75% is expected.  

2) Regular meet attendance, especially at Championship or other qualification meets.

3)  Positive attitude at each practice, ready to focus and work hard each day.

4)  Arrive 10 minutes before each scheduled practice, for stretching and goal-setting.

5)  Show up at practice with all your equipment (fins, snorkel, pull buoy, paddles, water bottle).

6)   High level of maturity, coupled with a strong desire to take your swimming career to the next level.

7)   Attendance at team activities and socials.

The Terrific group is the first group within the FISH Swim Team with an attendance requirement.

    ** Competition at swim meets is expected in this group. **

Importance of Team Activities

The team aspect of swimming is one that often goes overlooked.  At The FISH, we strongly believe in team activities and we strive to have a close-knit family.  Not only does this give you the opportunity to build lifelong friendships outside of the pool, but it also helps everyone to become a better swimmer.  A close-knit team supports each other in good times and bad, and helps the individual members become stronger.

We will be holding many socials and activities throughout the season as a way to come together.  Each member of our team is important, and it is vital that we build strong connections to our teammates.  Not only does this foster the supportive environment that we strive for, but makes each individual feel as though they are a part of something bigger. 

The Cookout and Bike Ride will be the first activity that we do together this year.  We have many others planned, but we are always open to new ideas!  Let us know if you have any cool ideas for socials or team activities.

Importance of Dryland Training

In order to get the full benefit of training in the Terrific FISH group, the dryland aspect cannot be overlooked.  Not only is it a fun way to supplement your in-the-water training, but it is critical to your overall development as a swimmer.

One of the goals for this year throughout the program is to improve underwater kicking.  This year's dryland program has been specifically designed by Coach Matt to improve core and leg strength.   Not only will this dryland program help with underwater kicking, but it will make you stronger and more flexible as well.