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Level IV

the FISH Summer Level 4

Level IV is intended for Incredible FISH and invited Wakefield FISH who will be swimming long course meets over the the course of the summer, and need the benefits of long-course training and competition.

                     (Basically ......all Incredible FISH)

Our goal will be to stress your level of conditioning, and to continue working with you on your strokes.

Practice Location       Group Calendars



What are our expectations ?

            1 )  We expect you to attend at least five practices on a weekly basis.

            2 )  We expect you to challenge yourself to swim your best at those practices, with

                   good strokes, good effort, and good attitudes.

            3 )  We expect you to take advantage of all the meet opportunities on our calendar.


Please do not wait until school is out to swim long course practices;  you should be taking advantage of our early morning long course practices, at Wakefield RECenter.