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Summer Program

 The FISH 2017 Summer Program

Our 2017 summer program starts on Saturday, May 27th and runs through Friday, July 28th FISH who have qualified for an August meet (Zones, Sectionals, Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals) will have access to long course training until Monday August 7th. (Level II and higher FISH will also have access to these practices.)  

To view the practice schedule, click HERE!

All qualified swimmers will be expected to compete in the PVS Age Group and/or PVS Senior Championships.  Should you qualify for Zones, you will be expected to attend.


        Following is our fee structure for the 2017 FISH Summer:

Level V  -  Awesome FISH/invited Wakefield FISH - $525

Level IV -  Incredible FISH /invited Wakefield FISH  - $475

Level III -  Terrific FISH/invited Wakefield FISH  - $425

 Level II -  AAG/invited Wakefield FISH - $375

 Level IQ -  AG/invited Wakefield FISH who qualified for AG Champs - $350

Level I -  Age Group /invited Wakefield FISH and stronger Mini FISH - $325

In order to participate in our Summer Program, you need to complete the following steps:


2. Go through the 2017-2018 registration process and sign-up your swimmer for the group she was invited to.

3.     Send in a check for the 2017-2018 Fall and 2017 Summer program payable to the FISH to 1340 Old Chain Bridge Rd., Suite 300 C, McLean, VA 22101. If you prefer credit card payment, please send an email to and we will accommodate your request. Please make sure to send in your non-refundable, full payment immediately after you completed the online registration, to assure a spot on the team.

4.     You will receive an email confirmation from us confirming your group affiliation for the summer and the fall, once we have received payment in full. 

Should you have any questions regarding this process or should you require payment options, please contact our treasurer at