Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Setting ourselves apart - offering a program that "works" when others haven't.

Pulling Water offers Lap Pool Lessons at our Bettendorf High School Location.  Using our Lap Pool curriculum, Pulling Water  teaches the most efficient swimming techniques in a simple, easy to follow format where each level builds on the skills learned previously.

What Sets our Lap Pool Lessons apart from other programs?

At Pulling Water we know that kids learn by watching and doing.  That's why our group lessons are a great way for kids to learn.  Not only will they by interacting with our experienced instructors, but they will also learn by watching and interacting with their peers as well.


Smaller Class Sizes

  • Our classes have a ratio of 3 to 5 swimmers to 1 instructor.
  • With our smaller classes, your swimmer will receive up to 50% more instruction over our competitors.

Immediate Advancement

  • Each level has only a few advancement goals.
  • Swimmers are moved to the next level as soon as they achieve their advancement goals.
  • We do not wait until the next class or even the end of the class. We will advance your swimmer immediately.

Increased Emphasis on Efficient Swimming Skills and Technique

  • Because our program was developed by swim coaches, we teach the most efficient swimming techniques.
  • Our instructors use the same drills and teach the same skills that competitive swim teams use to develop their swimmers.

Highly Qualified Instructors

  • Every one of our lessons is taught by dedicated instructors who are life-long swimmers and who have made it their mission to not just get kids swimming, but to make sure they learn to swim correctly. They are extensively trained in our methodology and curriculum and love passing on their love of swimming to children of all ages.
  • Most of our instructors are competitive swimmers who have spent countless hours learning the same skills they are passing on to your child.

Awesome Awards

  • Each swimmer will receive a full color certificate when they graduate out of their level.


Excellent Facilities

  • All of these classes are taught at Bettendorf High School.