Job Descriptions

Meet Job Descriptions

See the Meet Job Descriptions below (in alphabetical order).  Please read them carefully so you know what is expected.    


NO SUB = Job must be filled by a parent.  Jobs MAY be traded with another parent.


SUB = A suitable substitute may be hired.  Substitutes must be a least 14 years old. (16 for LSC and Battle of the Ages, 18 for Cafe). Sub fee is $60 ($100 for Time Trials).  Click here for the Sub List.


Failure to show for your assigned job or to make suitable alternate arrangements will result in a fine of $120. All fines must be paid before your swimmer will be entered in another meet.


Announcer - Must be comfortable using P.A. system to announce race results and other brief announcements. Work with computer desk team to check generated results against manual time slips. Training and/or previous experience required.  NO SUB


Awards (Big meets only) - At the end of big meets, pick up Rancho team and swimmer awards.  Distribute back to family folders at Rancho day of or next day.  SUB


Cafe Staff - Various jobs will be assigned to you by the Wahoo Cafe Managers.  SUB 18+


Clerk of the Course (Big meets only) - Help in the tent where swimmers check in and help line kids up in correct order.  Specific tasks assigned on site. Must not share this job with anyone, nor have any kids to take care of. Job will require full attention the entire time. May sub out, but subs must be 16 or older. SUB 16+


Computer Desk - Responsible for team and timing system computers and score keeping at each home meet.  Training and/or previous experience required. NO SUB


Griller - Run the barbeque for the Cafe at our home meets. NO SUB


Head Timer – Supervises and provides backup stopwatches for Timers at home meets.   Able to use two stopwatches accurately and focus attention on the start and finish of each race.  Must be able to communicate with the Timers, Starter, and Runner.  Training and/or previous experience required. NO SUB


Meet Assistant/Hospitality  - Responsible for meet clean up, computer desk and coaches hospitality (dinner, replenish cooler), shepherd and ribbon desk back up and other support where needed. NO SUB


Ribbons - Prepare the event ribbons until all meet results are completed.  At away meets duties may differ slightly. Responsible for filing the ribbons in the family folders at the pool the day of or day after the meet.  SUB


Runner - Able to proofread the lane slips and put them in proper order for computer entry.  Must be able to communicate with Recorders (to ensure lane slips are accurate) and also with Starter, Head Timer, and Computer Desk.  Not a job for those with small children to supervise at meets.  SUB


Set-up/Takedown – Set up and then take down tents and chairs at home meets, or set up/takedown pop-up tents at away big meets.  For away big meets, you will pick up or bring back the pop-up tents from Rancho storage.  SUB


Shepherd – This job is especially good for parents of 8 & under swimmers.  The shepherds round up the children for their races by ringing the bell and announcing the upcoming event.  The shepherds help line the kids up in the correct heats and lanes and bring them to the starting blocks.  NO SUB


Starter - Calls swimmers to the blocks using a P.A./starting system to initiate the races. Must be able to communicate with Computer Desk, Head Timer and Runner.  Training and/or previous experience required. NO SUB


Stroke & Turn - Must be able to closely observe all races for swimming infractions.  The League's training session with be held on TBD.  Training required.  NO SUB


Stroke & Turn Runner - Must constantly check with Stroke & Turn officials to collect DQ slips to turn in to computer desk.  SUB


Timer/Recorder - Must be able to use a stopwatch or electronic timer’s button accurately and focus attention on the start and finish of each race.  Must stand at the edge of the pool for an accurate recording of the finish.  Help younger swimmers out of the pool at the end of races if necessary. Complete race lane slips accurately if you are Recording. Not a job for those with small children to supervise at meets.  SUB

Please see Timer Instructions Here for more details on timer responsibilities.


Various Social Jobs  - In addition to meet jobs, parents are required to help with social events which may include assisting with an age group social, helping with Pop time awards, working Pizza Thursdays, working at a Spirit week event, etc.  SUB