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Welcome to being a swim parent.  This is by no means an easy task.  There are so many rules in swimming that it makes it difficult for the new swim parent to know what is going on.  Most parents have grown up playing basketball, baseball, soccer and when it comes to swimming....most are in the dark on rules and the technique of each stroke. 

Part of coaching is not only to coach the swimmers, but to coach the parents.  This is what I intend to do through parent meetings and through online information.  Announcements for parent meetings will be given periodically for "sit down" meetings.  It is important that at least one parent attend these  meetings.  We will go over important things like, what to bring to a swim meet, how do I register for a swim meet, where do I find the results of a swim meet, etc.  Below, you will find some links to begin your "online learning" program.  I hope this will begin to open your eyes to the world of swimming!

10 Commandments of Parenting Swimmers

Development of Swimmers

How to be a Winning Parent

Adolescent Athletes and Their Menstrual Cycles

Mind and Motives

Social and Psychological Development

Strategies for Parents

Developing Talent

Working with the Coach