Thank you for your interest in participating on the Revere SandSharks Swim Club (RSSC). The purpose of this handbook is to give you an overview of RSSC and to provide a reference of: various team rule, swim meet procedures, practices, and policies that guide our team for success. This information should be especially helpful for our new families joining the team! Most of your questions will hopefully be answered in this packet so please take the time to read it over.

It is important to keep in mind that joining a team is primarily an endeavor of contributing to a group effort to reach common goals. Each member of the SandSharks is a valuable asset to the team and this handbook explains how they may contribute through the many activities and facets of the team. 

Revere SandSharks Swim Club is owed by Revere Aquatics. 

Table Of Contents

Philosophy, Mission, and Vision

Team Member Code of Conduct

USA Swimming Code Of Conduct "Read Part Three, Pages 99-106"

Practice Policies and Procedures 

Registration, Membership Fees and Payment Options

Training Groups/Descriptions To be established in April 2017

Attendance Policy

Equipment List

Swim Meet Policies and Procedures

Swim Meet Packing List and Tips

Volunteer Requirements

Communicating with RSSC Staff and Office Hours 

Handling Complaints Suggestions and Concerns

Communication Triad: Parent, Coach, and Athlete Roles

Important Policies 

     Locker Room Policy

     Electronic Communication Policy

     Anti-Bullying Policy and Action Plan

     Safety Action Plan 

     Photo Policy 

     Social Media Policy

     Reporting of Misconduct