Tennis Team

2019 Aqua Club Tennis Team

Head Coach: Robert Mann

Email Coach Rob with Questions

Tennis Team (Ages 13-18) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday            8:20 – 9:10 am

Tennis Team/Pre-Tennis Team (Ages 10-12)  9:10-10:00a

Tennis Team is a great opportunity for all those interested in competing against other tennis clubs. We will be focusing improving tennis skills, mental aspects of the game and strategy for both singles and doubles. 

Players on tennis team must be able to return a ball from the baseline, serve from the baseline, and keep score. The pre-tennis team is open to advanced beginners who have a desire to gain the skills to play matches this year.  

Regular Season Practice  6/24-8/1

Pre-Season Practice (for players who plan to play on tennis team this year.)  

6/4, 6/11, 6/18  (Ages 9-12) Tuesdays only from 3:45-4:15p and (Ages 13-18) 4:15-5:15p

Team Cost is $110 per participant for members and $145 per participant for non-members.

(Aqua Club Tennis Jersey is required for matches. You may use the one from last year or buy a new one for $15.)

(No practice of matches when the court is wet.)

Match Times and Locations (Matches start will either start at 2p or 3p depending on the location.  Players will have to arrange their own transportation to and from matches.

Teams in the league are Klahaya, Innes Arden, Blue Ridge, Marysville, Forest Crest, and Marysville

The 2019 match schedule, intra-league tournament, and league tournament are TBD.

The league tournament is an all day tournament that takes place at Klahaya and Shorewood and starts at 9a.  The tournament is open to all team members.  There is a wide range of ability and age levels at the tournament.  I encourage all team members to play in the league tournament this year.  



All tennis sign-ups will take place in person at the club during our regular business hours--no phone reservations.

All sign-ups require cash or check payment at the time of registration.

Members:  Sign-Ups for Tennis Lessons will begin Saturday, May 18th on opening day, in the clubhouse. To register as a member, students must be listed in the directory as part of the members' family.  Families with out of town relatives that will be living with the member family for the duration of the summer should make arrangements with the club manager prior to registration.  Club members must be in good financial standing with the club to register for lessons. 

Non-members may begin registering for Tennis lesson,  Monday June 3rd (see early season operating schedule under the facility info tab on the home page for hours).

No refunds will be made after registration is complete. If we can accommodate you through a class switch we will, but otherwise, barring injury or illness, refunds will not be made.

The club reserves the right to move students to appropriate level as necessary.