Facility Rules


Due to Covid-19 there are extra rules and regulations that all members must follow.

Waiver form must be signed by every member before they may enter the facility. One form for each member within the family. Anyone under 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

General Club Rules

·      The Aqua Club is a family oriented facility. Members & their guests are to use appropriate language & conduct.

·      Use of the Club is for members & their invited guests only.  (See guest policy).

·      Members and guests must sign in at the office.

·      Fees are required for any guest entering the pool or tennis courts.

·      No automobiles or "dropping off" on lower driveway (except for "disabled parking").

·      Conduct must be safe and orderly.

·      Lost & Found items that are unclaimed will be donated to charity on a weekly basis.

·      Pets are not allowed inside the perimeter fencing.

·      The Aqua Club is a 100% No Smoking Facility.

·      Wheeled toys are not permitted on the Aqua Club property.


The Aqua Club assumes no liability for injuries or damages arising from the results of participation unless due to willful or gross negligence. Due to the strenuous nature of some activities, the participant is advised to consult his/her physician concerning fitness to participate. All activities present certain inherent risks and hazards which the participant assumes.

Leave valuables at home. Lockers are available and can be rented for the season.  Anything left in the lockers after the pool closes in September will be disposed of.

The Aqua Club is not responsible for personal property or valuables at any time.

The use of cameras, video cameras or any device containing camera equipment of any kind is prohibited in all locker rooms, bathrooms and changing facilities.


Pool Rules

·      Patrons will be allowed in club areas only when the pool is officially open and lifeguards are on duty.

·      Swimmers must take a cleansing shower at the pool before swimming.

·      Patrons are to obey instructions and show respect for lifeguards and club staff at all times.

·      Failure to follow pool rules or lifeguard instructions will result in suspension of club privileges.  The manager or lifeguards may dismiss from the premises any person who infringes the rules, exhibits unbecoming behavior, or fails to show evidence of his or her right to the facility when required.  

·      Members & their guests must sign in at the office.

·      Access to the mechanical pump room is for approved staff only.

·      Flotation devices may be used when space and swimmer safety allows but swimmers must still abide by the swim test policy.  Large flotation devices are not permitted.

·      Please restrict conversations with guards when they are guarding.

·      No glass containers in pool or surrounding areas.​  Food and beverage should be consumed on the lawn, bleachers or upper deck.  

·      Please pick up after yourself and put all trash in garbage containers.

·      No standard diapers in pools - use special swim diapers in conjunction with plastic cover-ups as required by law.

·      A child (age 12 and under) must be attended in the wading pool enclosure by an adult (age 18+) while using the wading pool.  The adult is responsible for their safety and behavior.

·      Special shower booths are for those with disabilities only

·      Kick boards are available for use only during adult lap swim, lessons, or swim team activities

·      Starting blocks are not for general use and are closed when not being directly supervised by a swimming coach during swim team activities.

·      Gum chewing, spitting, spouting, or blowing nose in the pool is not permitted.

·      No carrying swimmers on shoulders or playing around the head or neck of other swimmers.

·      No hanging on the basketball rim.

·      No hanging on or holding the lap lane lines.

·      Feet-first entry only in shallow areas.

·      No street shoes are allowed on the pool deck.


Tennis Court Rules

·      Courts are for members and guests only.  Sign in at the office is required when the office is open.

·      Court reservations and availability may be verified through the office.

·      No food or beverages on the courts (water is OK). 

·      Please throw trash in garbage containers.

·      Courts are for racket sports only.

·      No skates, skate boards bicycles or other wheeled toys are allowed on Club Property

·      Do not sit on or lean against the tennis nets.

·      Turn out lights when finished playing at night.

·       Lock the courts when you are leaving.

·      NO sandals, street shoes or bare feet on tennis courts--tennis shoes only.




Children under the age of 10 (ten) cannot be left unsupervised at the club except for such organized activities such as swim and tennis team, swim and tennis lessons.  Supervision is defined as a person age 13 or older taking responsibility for younger children.

Swim Tests

Swimmers must pass swim test in order to be allowed in the pool without an adult.  Prior to passing the swim test, swimmers must have parent/guardian in the water with them within arm's reach at all times - NO EXCEPTIONS.



The swim test consists of one length (25 yards) of crawl stroke (freestyle) with rhythmic breathing, treading water for at least 30 seconds, then swimming one length (25 yards) back stroke (elementary, regular, or gliding and kicking).  Swimmers must complete the test without stopping to “rest” on the sides of the pool.

We have a notebook of swimmers that have passed the swim test over the last few summers.  If the need arises as determined by the Lifeguards, we may ask your child to retake the swim test.

Adult Swim

Adults, 16 and over, are invited to lap swim and enjoy the pool free of children during 'Adult' times. Children, including infants, are not allowed on the pool deck or in the locker rooms during adult swim times.


Aqua Club Guest Policy

In an effort to address increasingly crowded conditions at the pool and abuse of the club's prior guest policy, the Aqua Club Board hereby enacts the following guest policy, to become effective May 22, 2010:


1. Each Family shall have no more than 25 total guests per season, absent special circumstances with prior management approval.

2. Absent special circumstances, each guest is limited to four visits to the club per season.  Special circumstances include, but are not necessarily limited to, nannies or babysitters and out of town guests.  Special circumstances must be approved in advance by the Club Manager.

3. The guest fee shall be $5.00 per guest per day.

4. Guests who attend as part of a Clubhouse rental do not count toward a members' annual total or individual guest limit.  However, such guests who use the pool are required to pay the guest fee.  Non-member rentals will not have access to the pools or tennis courts.

5. The Club will keep a punch card for each Family at the pool front desk.  The punch card will track the Family's total guests, as well as the name of each guest.

6. Because additional staffing may be necessary, members bringing five or more guests at one time (including guests at a Clubhouse rental) must notify the Club Manager 24 hours in advance.  Management reserves the right to refuse entry to guests under such circumstances in the event 24-hour notice is not given.

7. Members under the age of 14 cannot host a guest without parental supervision.

8. Members are required to be responsible for their guests at all times.  Members will not be permitted to arrange for a guest's entrance into the pool and then leave.

9. Club management reserves the right to turn away or excuse guests in the event pool capacity is reached.