Guest Policy


Due to Covid-19 until further notice the Aqua Club will not be allowing guests at this time.

We will update as the situation continues.

In an effort to address increasingly crowded conditions at the pool and abuse of the club's prior guest policy, the Aqua Club Board hereby enacts the following guest policy, to become effective May 22, 2010:


1. Each Family shall have no more than 25 total guests per season, absent special circumstances with prior management approval.

2. Absent special circumstances, each guest is limited to four visits to the club per season.  Special circumstances include, but are not necessarily limited to, nannies or babysitters and out of town guests.  Special circumstances must be approved in advance by the Club Manager.

3. The guest fee shall be $5.00 per guest per day.

4. Guests who attend as part of a Clubhouse rental do not count toward a members' annual total or individual guest limit.  However, such guests who use the pool are required to pay the guest fee.

5. The Club will keep a punch card for each Family at the pool front desk.  The punch card will track the Family's total guests, as well as the name of each guest.

Because additional staffing may be necessary, members bringing more than six guests at one time must notify the Club Manager 24 hours in advance. {See Member Rental rules for more details.}  Management reserves the right to refuse entry to guests under such circumstances in the event 24-hour notice is not given.

7. Members under the age of 14 cannot host a guest without parental supervision.

8. Members are required to be responsible for their guests at all times.  Members will not be permitted to arrange for a guest's entrance into the pool and then leave.

Club management reserves the right to turn away or excuse guests in the event pool capacity is reached, including during rentals.