Work Party


Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will NOT have a work party for Summer 2020.

2019 Work Party Dates:  April 28th and May 11th 9am to 1pm

Participating in an Aqua Club work party is a fun way to meet other members, make the club look great, and help keep our annual dues low.  Due to the impact your work party contributions have on the active summer season at the Aqua Club, please plan on completing your 2019 work party requirements during scheduled work parties.  If you are unable to attend scheduled work parties, a limited number of opportunities exist--Call or email the club manager to arrange your work prior to July 15th.  There is no carryover of work party obligations—failure to complete your service or payment of fees will impact your access to the club.

Each family is required to complete a minimum of two hours of work party service or be assessed a $100 fee.

Please:  No children under age 16 at work parties.

Bring your own gardening tools and any cleaning supplies or tools you think might be helpful.  (gloves, rakes, shovels, weed whackers), and your work party invoice.

Members over age 60 are currently exempt from work party obligations. Call or email our bookkeeper, Shirley, at 425-487-2784 if you have recently turned 60.

Be sure to sign in and turn in your invoice with a board member or the manager to get credit for your service and to get pointed in a direction that needs attention.