Work Party

Annual Work Party Information 

For those who did not complete the work party requirement prior to the Summer 2022 season - you will be assessed a fee. The fee of $100 is assessed prior to the Summer 2022 season if the member has not completed the 2 hour work requirement.

Information on Annual Work Party Weekends 
Participating in an Aqua Club work party is a fun way to meet other members (with safety precautions), make the club look great, and help keep our annual dues low.  Due to the impact your work party contributions have on the active summer season at the Aqua Club, please plan on complete work party requirements during scheduled work parties. Each member family is required to complete a minimum of two hours of work party service or be assessed a $100 fee. 

Please plan to sign a COVID-19 and activity waiver at sign-in.

*No children under the age of 16 are allowed at the work parties. Members over age 60 are currently exempt from work party obligations (if you have recently turned 60, email Shirley, our bookkeeper at [email protected] )