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Team Suit

Summer 2019 Team Suit

Note: We will likely use a new team suit for the Summer 2020 season. Please check back for details in February.

We will be using the same team suit as last summer. Please make sure to purchase your suit in plenty of time prior to our first meet on May 11. The team suit is required! This is your team uniform! The Lakers uses an online store for our suit sales. All items will be shipped directly to you. Shipping is free for orders totaling $49 or more and $4.95 for orders of less than $49. You can purchase goggles and other swimming items from our vendor. The Lakers does not require any swim gear purchases--you do NOT need to purchase fins, paddles, buoys, etc. The team supplies all gear.

We will have our team suit at the Lakeway Swim Center on Thursday, April 18 and Wednesday, April 24 from 4:00-5:30 for "try on days" so swimmers can determine their suit sizing prior to ordering it online. We will also have the suits available on Monday April 29 (our first day of practice) from 4:00-6:00 for sizing. We recommend trying on suits and making sure that they fit correctly before buying them! Suits should be tight. Please try on the suit before you buy it so you get the correct size!

All swimmers are required to wear our 2019 team suit at meets. Swimmers can wear any suit to practice, but girls are encouraged to wear one-piece suits and boys are encouraged to wear jammers. We selected our team suit based on size, price, and availability.

All swimmers will receive one team swim cap on the first day of practice. Please wear our swim cap to practice and meets.

Our team will sell goggles during the suit try-on days. If you need goggles, let us help you to find the right style and fit. We will have the right goggles for serious swimmers all the way down to little faces--and you can try them on first! 

Swimmers who are 8 & younger will also need a pair of swim fins. Fins are sized based on shoe size and can be ordered with your team suit. If between sizes, usually you will size DOWN. Fins need to fit snugly! We recommend Tritan fins but any brand is fine, just make sure they are swim fins. 

The girls suit is the Dolfin Reliance DBX polyester suit in blue (121DBX-066). Elsmore team price: $51.90     --> click here to order online and have it shipped directly to you

The boys suit is the Dolfin Reliance polyester jammer in blue (141JM-066). Elsmore team price: $34.90  --> click here to order online and have it shipped directly to you