Team Suit

2018 Cruzers Team Suit

We will use a similar suit to what we had last summer. Last year's suit is no longer readily available so we have selected a new suit that is very similar. If you already have last year's suit, you do not need to buy a new suit. Please make sure to purchase your suit in plenty of time prior to our first meet on May 13. This year we will be using an online store for our suit sales. All items will be shipped directly to you. Shipping is free for orders totaling $50 or more and $3.95 for orders of less than $50. You can purchase goggles and other swimming items from our vendor. The Cruzers does not require any swim gear purchases--you do NOT need to purchase fins, paddles, buoys, etc. The team supplies all gear.

We will have several days designated as suit "try on days" (dates and times are pending) so swimmers can determine their suit sizing prior to ordering it online. We recommend trying on suits and making sure that they fit correctly before buying them! Suits should be tight.

All swimmers are required to wear our team suit at meets. Swimmers can wear any suit to practice, but girls are encouraged to wear one-piece suits and boys are encouraged to wear jammers. We selected our team suit based on size, price, and availability.

The girls suit is the Tyr Women's Alliance T-Splice Maxfit Swimsuit in red/black. Dealer price: $49.00  --> click here to order online and have shipped directly to you

The boys suit is the Tyr Boys’ Alliance Splice Jammer Swimsuit in red/black. Dealer price: $31.50  --> click here to order online and have shipped directly to you