Protocols at Practices:

LCCC Cruzers are following the directives in place as set by the city, county, and State of Texas, as well as protocols from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), from USA Swimming and LCCC. This page will be updated as necessary to comply with all public health orders.

  • Masks are required at our practices for all individuals. Pulling a shirt over your face or wrapping clothing or a towel around the face are not acceptable face coverings. Individuals without masks will not be allowed to enter the facility. Swimmers may remove their masks when swimming but must wear them at all other times. 
  • Coaches will wear masks when swimmers are entering and exiting the facility and when in close contact with others. They will remove their masks during practice, so swimmers can hear them clearly.
  • The coaches will observe swimmers as they arrive at practices. If a swimmer appears to be ill or not feeling well, please understand that we may ask them to return home. This includes colds, allergies, etc.
  • Swimmers and staff who exhibit symptoms or report being in close contact with someone with covid will be asked to return home and follow CDC protocols.
  • If a swimmer is coughing/sneezing at practice, we will ask the swimmer to get out of the pool and remain away from others until the coughing/sneezing passes. If the coughing/sneezing persists, we may ask the swimmer to return home. This is for the safety of the group.
  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your scheduled practice time, and wait outside the gate until called by a coach. Swimmers need to be picked up promptly at the end of practice. Siblings may wait with parents.
  • Please maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times, and please avoid social gathering.
  • Swimmers will enter and exit the facility one at a time.
  • Please bring a water bottle to practice. Please label your water bottle with your first and last names.
  • Restroom use is limited to toilet use and handwashing. Please change clothes and shower at home.
  • The coaches will assign each swimmer a lane and an "end" to start on. Swimmers will maintain 6 feet distancing when walking on the deck.
  • Swimmers shall remain 6 feet apart while swimming; some swimmers will stop on the wall and others will flip at the wall and then stop at the backstroke flags.
  • Please follow the posted signage at the club at all times.
  • Please drop your gear in the designated area.
  • Swimmers will sit in the second and third sections of the bleachers when waiting for practice to start.
  • Please enter the pool using the gate on the "start end" of the pool and exit the pool using the gate on the "turn end" of the pool. 
  • Parents may watch practices from outside the fence. Please maintain social distancing and wear masks.