Team Objectives

Program Philosophy

The summer swim and dive programs exist solely for the benefit of all children who participate in the programs and not for the glorification of the parents and coaches.  The programs and activities are planned and directed so that every child can grow and learn from his/her experience.


Program Objectives

  • To provide a wholesome physical and recreational outlet for all participants through well-organized practices and meets.
  • To provide each child with the opportunity to achieve the most within his/her individual abilities through motivation, excellent coaching, and continual parental guidance and encouragement.
  • To provide opportunities to learn sportsmanship and teach swimmers and divers the importance of "team" through competitive meet situations.
  • To provide equal training and instruction to all swimmers/divers who desire it, regardless of skill level.
  • To learn to compete and develop a competitive spirit, as well as learn to adapt to reasonable levels of emotional stress that comes with both the thrill of winning and the disappointments of losing.
  • We are members of the Fort Wayne Summer Swim League and the Fort Wayne Summer Dive League, and adhere to their rules in our meets.