Swim and Prep Meets

Swim Meets


See the calendar for a schedule of swim meets.


For Arlington home meets, we begin warm-ups at 4:40 PM and the visiting team begins warm-ups at 5:00PM. The Meet starts at 5:30 PM. Plan on the meet lasting about 3+ hours depending on the size of the visiting team.


For away meets, generally the home team starts warm-ups at 5:00pm and our warm-up starts at 5:25pm. The meet will start at 6:00pm.




Swimmers must sign-up by the deadlines for invitational meets and the City Swim Meet. The coaches must turn in line-ups by specified dates and usually cannot accept late entries. Contact the head coach ASAP if if you have missed a deadline. Also, please make every effort to be available for all meets. We need everyone!




A child's age as of May 31st determines the age group that he/she swims during the summer.  The meets are arranged with the boys and girls swimming in the following age groups:

8 and under girls                  8 and under boys

9-10 girls                               9-10 boys

11-12 girls                             11-12 boys

13-14 girls                             13-14 boys

15-19 girls                            15-19 boys


Order of Events:

Medley Relay
Individual Medley (IM)
Free Relay


Events are run alternately with the girls going first followed by the boys.  All of one event is completed before proceeding to the next event.


Due to the limited number of swimmers in certain age groups, it may be necessary to ask swimmers to "swim up" an age group to fill events and relays. If this does become necessary, the coaches will identify the swimmer(s) based on availability and swimming ability.






Parent involvement is key to the success of the swim program. Every swim club is responsible for assigning individuals to various responsibilities during the swim meets.  Without our parents' help, the meets would not be possible!


In dual meets, the host club is responsible for the following:

  • Thirteen (13) timers (this position stands at end of lane and uses a stopwatch & records times of swimmers)
  • One (1) starter (this requires training and is the person who calls swimmers to block and starts the race)
  • One (1+) finish judges  (this position is sitting at the finish line and recording the order of finish by lanes)
  • One (1+) official / stroke and turn judge (this position requires USA Swimming training and identifies incorrect stokes and turns)
  • Two (2) runners (this position is one that collects the timer and finish judge records and takes to award table)
  • Two (2) clerks of course (this position is one that collects the swimmers for each event -usually one for boys and one for girls)
  • Two (2) Award table (these are the workers at awards table who record results and create swimmer's awards)
  • Two (2) computer workers (to enter times in the computer, prints ribbons and runs the meet management software)
  • Two (2+) Concessions (this position sells the various concessions & may require set up and take down time)


In dual meets, the visiting team is responsible for the following:

  • Six to Eight (6-8) timers
  • One (1) finish judge
  • Two (2) clerks of course
  • One (1+) official


At larger meets, these jobs are shared equally between the clubs that are participatingAdditional work commitments will be assigned for those families participating in invitationals and the City meet, or you may have your choice of assignments by volunteering early!


Swimmers will not swim in meets if families have failed to uphold their commitments. The swimmer(s) will not swim in further meets until the obligation is completed or an additional work commitment(s) is assigned.


Prep Meets


In addition to our swim meets, we also have scheduled PREP meets.  These meets are for the beginner who has little or no experience as a competitive swimmer. In order for a child to be eligible for the prep team, he/she should be able to swim two (2) lengths of the small pool; and know at least one stroke, i.e., have their "red band” at AP pool.  Children not able to meet these qualifications should sign up for individual swim lessons so they will be ready for the swim team the following year. If the lack of swimming ability causes a safety risk to the child, the Arlington Swim/Dive Team Board will refund their registration money.


Prep meet warm-ups are at 4:45pm with the meet beginning at 5pm in the small pool. Prep meets usually last about one hour. Swimmers compete in each of the four strokes and all swimmers receive a ribbon. There are no relays at regular Prep meets.


There is a “Prep City” meet held at Club North Point in mid-July where relays are offered. Please plan to attend this meet as it’s great experience for our Prepers!