Dive Team Description

General Description of the Diving Program


Arlington Park dives as a team during the season.  Specialized instruction is given to each child to help them obtain individual goals as well as meeting overall team objectives.



  • Divers should attend at least three (3) practices a week.  Please inform the coaches two (2) days in advance if you are not able to attend a meet.  Meet participation is at the discretion of the coach.  Each diver must be able to meet the requirements of their age group in order to dive in a meet.
  • A child's age as of May 31st determines the age group that he/she dives during the summer.
  • Events are run alternately with the girls going first followed by the boys.



8 and under        1 meter        4 dives        2 categories     3 required, 1 optional
9 and 10             1 meter        4 dives        2 categories     2 required, 2 optional     
11 and 12           1 meter        6 dives        3 categories     3 required, 3 optional
13 and 14           1 meter        6 dives        3 categories     3 required, 3 optional
15 through 18     1 meter        6 dives        4 categories     6 optional

12 and under      3 meter*       4 dives        2 categories     1 required, 3 optional
13 through 18     3 meter*       5 dives        3 categories     5 optional dives


  • The City Dive Meet will host 3-Meter competition for exhibition only.  Divers can enter this event as individual competitors, but placement will not be scored as team points.
  • Note:  Any diver in the appropriate age group who is unable to fulfill the required format may dive with no team points and placement.
  • Scoring at dual and tri meets will be done by the parents of both the home and away teams.
  • Parents are required to work 4 meets, with additional volunteer and invitational assignments.  If you are unable to keep your commitment work schedule, it is your responsibility to find a replacement and contact the Meet Director of the change.
  • The Dive team communicates by E-mail to save printing costs. Check the dive bulletin board at the pool for important notices.  Check your mailboxes at each practice.  Check your e-mail daily.
  • Concessions will be available at the meets.  All money raised goes back to the team so please support this "fund-raiser" at our pool and other pools.
  • Parents will be needed to help at the City Dive Meet.  All dive parents will be assigned work commitments for Invitationals and City Meet when your child is diving.
  • Practice times will be assigned by coaches.