Parent Responsibilities


Parents' Responsibilities


Suggestions about how to improve our swim and dive program are encouraged. If you have concerns about the program, we would like to know them as well. These should however, be directed to the Swim/Dive Team Parent Board, not the coaches. You may contact the coaches to discuss your child's progress, problems, etc. However, coaches will not be available for such conversations during practice times or swim and dive meets. Also, please do not approach the coaches who are lifeguarding during pool hours for team questions. At these times complete attention must be focused on their job and the swimmers in the pool. We thank you for being sensitive to these wishes.


  • Parents are required to assist at four (4) regular meets & one volunteer activity. Many parents do much more. It is the parent's responsibility to find a replacement (trade) if a work commitment cannot be met. If a parent needs help identifying a person to substitute for him/her, do not hesitate to call or e-mail any of the meet director (names, phone numbers and emails are listed on the Parent Board page linked here). Check in with the meet director when you arrive, and do not leave until all work is complete.
  • Parental support of this program is essential for its success. Assure that your children attend all meets if they are scheduled to swim/dive. Failure to notify coaches of an absence can cause a relay team to be scratched, thereby disappointing three other swimmers!  Plan to stay to end of each meet in case we need a relay substitute. If you need to leave early, check that your children are not scheduled on a free relay.
  • Make sure your child attends all practices. Unexcused absences will show lack of interest and consequently your child may lose a spot on a relay.
  • Emphasis should be placed on the individual to do his/her best for a combined team effort. While we do have high level coaching and athletes who have competed at the national level, remember that this is NOT a JUNIOR OLYMPICS PROGRAM where winning is the supreme objective. This is a two month summer recreational program for the children with all members participating, regardless of how highly skilled the children are.
  • Parents are highly encouraged to attend swim/dive meets to provide support for your child and all other children on the team.
  • Sign up for each meet through your account on the website. If you do not sign up, you will not be scheduled to swim/dive in the meet.
  • Check your e-mail daily for important notices.
  • All parents are asked to help with transportation. Coaches are not to transport children.