Swim Meet Info

Lakewood Waves - Swim Meet Procedures                          

#1 Signing Up Your Swimmer For Meet Events

Instructions will be displayed after you register for the team.


#2 SIGNING YOURSELF UP For a Service Position

Instructions will be displayed after you register for the team. 


WHAT TO BRING - Swim meets generally last about five hours.

Don’t forget your goggles, towels, and team shirts (whole family) or other team spirit items.

You will want to bring things like canopies or umbrellas, lawn/camping chairs, sunscreen, camera, sunglasses and hats. Be sure to bring plenty of non-sugary snacks (nuts, yogurt, crackers, string cheese, fruit, etc.), non-sugary drinks, and water for your swimmers.  Bring things to keep your swimmer (and non-swimmers) busy between heats like games, books, or toys.  Bring some money for concessions or team store items.  We allow coolers at our pool but most pools will have you leave them outside the entrance.


You will want a heat sheet at each meet.  Heat sheets for the meets are generally available on the Lakewood website or the CASL website the evening prior to the meet.  Some teams sell heat sheets at meets.  We will have a limited number available for purchase but please, if possible, print your own off of the website.  Go through and highlight your swimmers events and keep track of when he/she needs to get to Clerk of Course.

To help swimmers know where to be and when, some parents put a grid on their child’s arm or leg.  This needs to be done prior to getting wet and putting on sunscreen and is done with a sharpie.  The grid has four columns across the top = E (event), H (heat), L (lane), S (stroke).  The grid has as many rows as events in which the swimmer is entered.  The rows contain the applicable information for each column heading.  (Lakewood isn’t in the habit of doing this yet.)

MEET DAY – try to arrive by 7:0am-warm ups will begin at 7:10 (especially home meets)


Swimmers must report to their Coach upon arrival and may begin warm-ups at 7:10 am.  Parents are responsible for making certain that their simmers report when called to the Clerk of Course or assigned lane.


Check in with the Volunteer Coordinator.  This person should be near the pool entrance passing out lanyards.  They will verify your shift for the Meet and give you details.  Check in with the Volunteer Coordinator any time during the Meet with questions about your job.  If you have not volunteered please offer your services the day of the Meet.


Feel free to setup your “swim meet space” on the pool deck and outside of the fenced area around the pool deck.  Canopies are welcome.  Please be considerate of others’ views and desire to watch their swimmers. 


When your child swims, feel free to watch your swimmer from the side of the pool; however, please be considerate of others’ views and desire to watch their swimmers.  Remember that the Stroke & Turn Judges and other meet volunteers must be able to walk along the pool’s edge.


The Heat Sheet will list events in order of ages and gender with different heats depending on the number of swimmers in each event.  Listen closely for the announcer to call your swimmers event and send the swimmer to Clerk of Course to line up for their heats.

Swimmers can enter up to four events plus a relay.  The order of events is:

  • Kickboard                                             Each Event Goes By Age Groups:
  • Relay                                                    6 & Under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18
  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Individual Medley (IM) – Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, & Butterfly
  • Parent Relay - There may be parent relays at the end of some meets, so suit up, swim and let your swimmer cheer for you!

All swimmers will begin the season at the same level ~ Bronze.  Based upon their swim times, they can move up in level to Silver or Gold.  All lanes in every heat will be full until the last heat of an event; therefore, there will be some heats that include bronze, silver and/or gold swimmers.  Your child will compete only against same-level swimmers for times.  Once your child moves up to a new level in an event, they do not move back down.

Swimmers may leave the meet when they are finished swimming; however, it does build team spirit and unity and is exciting to stay until the end and to watch and/or participate in the relays.


When results have been printed for an event they will be posted on the open pool wall.  Bring any concerns to the Head Parent Rep. as soon as possible

If your swimmer is told that they have been Disqualified (DQ) find the Head Parent Rep. immediately to discuss any concerns.  Coach receives copies of all DQs and will work with those swimmers at practice the next week.


If there is lightning or thunder, the pool closes for 30 minutes.  If it’s just raining, the pool stays open.  The shallow end of the pool is not available for swimming or playing of any kind. The Concession Stand will be open for the entire Meet.  Food and beverages (except water) are not allowed on the deck surrounding the pool; they must be eaten in the concession area or outside of the fence. 

These are Lakewood Pool rules, please be mindful of the rules of other pools we visit this season.



After each meet we will have a get together.  This is usually at a lunch type function and is an informal event meant for camaraderie.  You can meet up with the team even if you don’t plan on eating lunch.  If your swimmer finishes the Meet and you leave early in the morning, find out about the party details before you leave.


Each swimmer gets a ribbon for every event they swim.  Ribbons are 1st – 10th and Participation, with kickboarders only getting Participation ribbons.  Ribbons are labeled on Monday mornings at practice and put in the file boxes for you to pick up anytime the file boxes are out.  Please bring ribbon concerns to the Head Parent Rep attention.

 Watch periodically for other information in file boxes.