Volunteer Program

Parent volunteers could easily be considered the most essential part of the Sherwood Sharks program.  The importance of parent volunteers cannot be over emphasized.  

Without parent volunteers the team cannot operate.  The ONLY paid positions on the Sherwood Sharks Swim Team are our Coaches.  All other positions are volunteer positions.  

The Parent Volunteer programs include:

  • Meet Volunteers:  Swim Meets are not possible without parents' help.  This season will require over 250 meet volunteer shifts! 250 volunteer shifts just to run the meets, that does not include all the things that go on behind the scenes, during the week or months in advance to keep the program running smoothly.  Every family is REQUIRED to work at least four shifts.  A shift is between 2-3 hours long, depending on the position.  All positions are easily learned and most do not require prior experience.  For specific meet volunteer positions, please check the Meet Volunteers / Job Book tab under Parent Volunteers on this site.
  • Meet Setup & Breakdown:  If you are unable to work during the meet but want to help get ready for the meet, this might be the job for you.  For specific information, please read information in the job book