Meet Volunteers / Job Book


Below are some of the standard jobs of meets. More information and additional jobs can be found in our job book

Place Judge
If you can count to eight, you are qualified. There are two place judges seated on each side of the pool. Place Judges watch swimmers touch the wall each heat then record the swimmers' finishing place(i.e. 1st through 8th). One judge will watch and place swimmers while the other records the observations on a pre-printed slip. The completed slips are picked up by the "Runner" and taken to the Data Consolidator.

We use this term's more like a "Speed Walker." The Runner will collect the Timers and Place Judge slips after each heat and take them to the Data Consolidator.

Data Consolidator
This person transfers information from the Timers and Place Judge slips to the data consolidation sheet. This information is then taken to the Data Entry person.

Clerk of Course
Have you herded cats or chased kittens? Clerk of Course volunteers gather swimmers and put them into a line corresponding to the lanes in which they will swim. Clerk of Course workers verify that the right participants are present and in the right spot. Then, the Wranglers escort the swimmers to the correct lanes just before each heat.

Lasso skills not required. Wranglers gather swimmers from the Clerk of Course and lead them to the appropriate lane just prior to the beginning of each heat. Wranglers return to the Clerk of Course and repeat this process with the next heat of swimmers.

Want a front seat to all of the action? Just don't forget to start your stopwatch! There are two timers for each lane. One is responsible for recording the time and operating the stopwatch, the other will operate a second stopwatch. The recording Timer will then write down the times from both stopwatches on a pre-printed slip (stopwatches are provided by the team).

Snack Bar Workers 

Sell snacks, make change. Its a fun job!  We try to have plenty of workers so you can take turns slipping to the pool to watch your swimmers race.