Equipment Needed



  • We will not permit a child to train without goggles.
  • We recommend the type with 2-straps in the back. 
  • Should be "competitive goggles" not recreation or dive goggles. 


  • Boys - Brief or Jammers
  • Girls - One-piece suit

Swimmers may practice and compete in the suit of their choice as long as it is not a Tech Suit.

Notice:  Tech Suits are banned.  If your suit can be found under FINA Approved Swimwear at it is a Tech suit.



  • Spare Goggles - Clear lenses for indoors.  Tinted lenses for outdoors.
  • Practice Swimsuit - Please use a swim team suit and not a "pool suit"
  • Swim Cap - Recommended for boys and a necessity for most girls.
  • Water Bottle - Hydration is very important.
  • Sunscreen - Extremely important at outdoor practices and outdoor meets.
  • Towel - 1-2 large towels per swimmer for meets; 1 for practices.
  • Gym Bag or Backpack
  • Folding Chair or Bag Chair - Especially for swim meets.