Equipment Needed



  • We will not permit a child to train without goggles.
  • We recommend the type with 2-straps in the back. 
  • Should be "competitive goggles" not recreation or dive goggles. 


  • Boys - Brief or Jammers
  • Girls - One-piece suit

We encourage Sharks Swim Team members to purchase the Team Suit.  The Team Suit is sold through the The Sharks Store button on the Main Page.

The Team Suit is recommended for competition.  Swimmers may practice and compete in the suit of their choice as long as it is not a Tech Suit.

Notice:  Tech Suits are banned.  If your suit can be found under FINA Approved Swimwear at it is a Tech suit and is banned in the Central Arkansas Swim League.



  • Spare Goggles - Clear lenses for indoors.  Tinted lenses for outdoors.
  • Practice Swimsuit - Use the "Team Suit" for meets, not for practice.
  • Swim Cap - Recommended for boys and a necessity for most girls.
  • Water Bottle - Hydration is very important.
  • Sunscreen - Extremely important at outdoor practices and outdoor meets.
  • Towel - 1-2 large towels per swimmer for meets; 1 for practices.
  • Gym Bag or Backpack
  • Folding Chair or Bag Chair - Especially for swim meets.