Skill Requirements



The Sherwood Sharks is a competitive swim team.  Coaches will teach the competitive strokes - but at the time of registration each child must be able to swim and have the minimum swimming skills as described below:

Minimum standards for your 6 Year Old & Under swimmer:

When registered:  Upon instruction by a coach, your child must be able to:

  • Enter the water on their own, without mom or dad being at poolside and not be afraid of the water. 
  • Swim with their face in the water and be confident enough to let go of the edge of the pool and swim.
  • Swim non-stop, without touching bottom, 1/2 of the pool length - approximately 38 Feet, on top of the water, using the Freestyle stroke.

Minimum standards for 7 Year Old & Older swimmers: 

When registered:  Swimmers 7 & older must able to:

  • Enter the water on their own.
  • Swim the race distance required by their age group, on top of the water, non-stop, without touching bottom, using the Freestyle stroke.

7 - 8 Year Old Distance:   25 Yards

9 - 18 Year Old Distance: 50 Yards