How to Sign-up for Swim Meets
Signing up for a Swim Meet

If your child is a part of the swim team, you will decide on a weekly basis to enter them into a particular swim meet(s).   All meet entry is done online through the Autumn Ridge website. All meets are listed under the Events tab and registration deadlines are listed for each meet.  The registration fees paid at the beginning of the season will cover all costs associated with dual meets and the end of the year City Championship Swim Meet.  Invitational meet fees will be collected prior to the deadline to enter the meet if you choose to sign your child up to swim at an invitational meet.

Click here to view a tutorial on how to enter your swimmer in a meet.

Entry deadline are posted with each meet online. If you have missed the deadline for entrance within a swim meet, but still would like your child to participate, you will need to contact your child’s coach as soon as possible.  If a coach is still able to enter a child into a meet, they will always try to accommodate the family.  However, it is important to note that the Meet Sign-up deadline is less than 24 hours before the information is needed by the hosting team.  (Coaches are not required to accommodate families who consistently miss deadlines.)

Since the hosting team will decide if they are willing to accept late entries into their meet, there is no guarantee that your child’s coach will be able to enter your child into a meet once the deadline to register your child for a meet has passed.  Since we will rarely be considered a hosting team the entire summer swim season, it will be very important that you do not miss a deadline to enter your child into a meet that you would like to attend. 

If you are ever unsure as to if your child is ready to swim within a meet, simply decide to take them to a swim meet the first time and have them watch.  Then plan on entering them into the next available meet.  This technique has worked very well for past families and is highly encouraged for current families.  Of course, speaking with your child’s coach can many times put your mind at ease and make you feel more comfortable about the whole process.  Swim meets are much easier than they appear and all PAB Members are committed to helping all new and old families through this process as the season progresses.  Please don’t ever hesitate to ask questions or call any PAB member.