Parent Volunteering Expectations

You will have the opportunity to sign-up to volunteer on a first-come, first served basis.  It is important that you sign-up online or call our Volunteer Coordinator, Dawn Burrough by the first day of swim practice in order to avoid your child sitting out of swim practice on the first day and subsequent days until you have signed-up to volunteer.  Please note that your swimmer will not be assigned a coach until you have successfully signed up to volunteer your three required times for the season. Prep team volunteering will be done on the first day of practice.

All volunteer jobs are considered by most parents to be trouble-free and training will be provided to any parent who feels this would help them to perform their commitment more easily.  If you feel that there is a need for training to fulfill your volunteer commitment, simply contact one of the Volunteer Coordinators to find out when training will be provided. Volunteering for the Prep Team will be handled by the Head Prep Team Coach after the start of the Prep Team season. 

Please note that if you are a family that has only swim team swimmers, you will need to sign up for a minimum of two jobs that involve service of your time to the team (i.e. clerk of course, timer, craft coordinator etc.) your final volunteer spot can be either a donation or another service of your time spot for the swim team.  If you are a family that has swimmers on both swim team and prep team, you will be required to sign up for a minimum of two jobs that involve service of your time for the swim team and one job spot that will involve either service of your time or a donation to the prep team.  If you are a family that only has prep team swimmers, you will need to sign up for a minimum of three jobs that involve either service of your time or a donation to the prep team.  Clarifications to this procedure can be directed to our Volunteer Coordinator, Dawn Burrough, any time before the first day of practice.  Thank you!

Volunteering No/Show Deposit

Each family will be asked to supply an additional check along with their registration fees check for the purpose of creating an equal opportunity volunteering experience for all families.  This check should be made payable to the Autumn Ridge Swim Team for the amount of $100.  In the event that your family commits to a volunteering opportunity that they do not or are not able to fulfill, the team reserves the right to cash the $100 check you supplied at registration.  If for some reason your family would sign-up for a meet and choose not to attend the meet or decide to leave the meet early when you have agreed to volunteer or agreed to have your swimmer swim on a relay, the check for $100 would be cashed and not returned to you at the end of the season. 

It is important to note that if your family signs up for their three required volunteering opportunities and fulfills their obligation, they will have their check for $100 returned to them.  In addition, if your family signs up for a meet and stays the required length of time needed to successfully give all children the opportunity to compete in a relay, the $100 check will be returned to your family.  Your check will not be cashed if both commitments are fulfilled.  We appreciate your support of this procedure that allows all families to feel as if they are being treated fairly.  We acknowledge that there might be an exception due to physical challenges and emergency circumstances.  We are happy to work with all families in making this obligation be transparent!  Keeping the lines of communication open with the Volunteer Coordinator is recommended.

Other Parent Volunteering Opportunities

All swim team parents are encouraged to volunteer their time either on a committee or as a member of the PAB.  This type of volunteering would be considered over and above the regular volunteering commitment of 3 times per season.  Many times, PAB positions can allow for you to be exempt from having to volunteer 3 times during the course of the season because the nature of the PAB position requires more time than the average 3 times required by the general membership.  You are encouraged to contact a PAB member for more information if interested.   We are always in need of people who are willing to get more involved!

There will also be another very important time for the membership to step up and help support the team.  This volunteer time will be critical to the success of the City Championship Meet.  The three required volunteering times do not include the volunteers necessary for our team to attend the City Championship Swim Meet.  If your swimmer(s) attends the City Championship Swim Meet, one parent from your family will also be required to volunteer during the session your swimmer(s) is swimming at the City Championship Swim Meet.  If your swimmer is honored by being invited back to the City Championship Swim Meet Finals on Sunday, we will also need you to volunteer during the time your swimmer is swimming. Please mark your calendar accordingly so that someone from your family will be available to help.  Questions regarding volunteering at the City Championship Swim Meet can be directed to the Volunteer Coordinator(s).