Swim Team Rules
Practice Behavior (1-2 Discipline Policy)
  1. Swimmers are expected to support their teammates at practice as well as in competition.  Working  together as a team benefits all individuals in the group.

  2. Swimmers are expected at all times to follow the instructions of the coaching staff.

  3. The PAB has instituted a 1-2 Discipline Policy for all swimmers.  Your swimmer will be given only one warning before being asked to leave swim practice for the remainder of that day if it is obvious that the swimmer is taking part in behavior that is considered to be unconstructive to the group as a whole.  If you feel your child could be a disruption to a group, you are highly encouraged to be present at all  swim practices your swimmer attends.  Coaches are there to coach; not to discipline children who choose to be disruptive.  Sportsmanship, respect, honesty and safety are enforced at all times.

  4.  The Autumn Ridge Swim Team pays fees to use the pool we train in.  All activities are limited to the pool area.  Please do not allow any of your children to play outside of the pool area or within the  parking lot at any time.  Since we do not own the facility, we can be asked to leave if necessary.

  5.  During practice, the pool deck is for coaches only.  If you need to speak with a coach, please do so before or after practice.

  6. Parents are responsible for a swimmer’s behavior before and after practices as well.  Please remember that the actions of our swimmers are a direct reflection of our team.  The Autumn Ridge Homeowner’s Association gives us the privilege of using their pool.  They can revoke this privilege at any time for  any reason.

  7. Any individual not registered with the Autumn Ridge Swim Team is not allowed within the large pool, baby pool and or splash pad area.  This is due to the liability coverage we have for our team.

  8.  Registered swimmers may only be in the pool during practice time and when a life guard is on duty.

  9. Non-compliance with the above listed policies may result in forfeiture of club membership.

Swim Team Rules
  1. Open registration by e-mail will begin on the Monday immediately following Spring Vacation for Northwest Allen County Schools in Fort Wayne, IN.  There will be a limited number of swimmers enrolled this swim season. It will be necessary to register your swimmer as soon as possible. 

  2.  Registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis with late registration beginning on May 1st.  

  3. Swimmers must be registered with the Autumn Ridge Swim Team and have all fees paid, prior to the start of the season to begin swim practice.  Parents must have signed up to volunteer at least (3) three times prior to their child coming to practice on the first day.  Swimmers not registered with the team and parents not signed up to volunteer will automatically disqualify their swimmer to participate on the first day of practice & subsequent days thereafter.  Swimmers will not be assigned a coach until  the Volunteer Coordinators have been contacted with your requested volunteer dates and times.

  4. Locker rooms are for dressing only!  Swimmers are allowed 5 minutes to get dressed and showered and then must either be on deck or have left the pool.  It is required that swimmers be responsible for all personal belongings.  It is suggested that swimmers bring all belongings on deck with them while practicing.  Bring only swimming related items to practice (no balls, toys etc.)  Exceptions to the swimming related items may be made for special activity calendar dates.  Common sense is suggested when allowing children to bring items to the pool.

  5. Swimmers, siblings and guests should not be left unsupervised before, during or after the practice session in any areas of the pool or outside of the pool.  Parents will be held responsible for the actions of their children while visiting the Autumn Ridge Pool.

  6. All families will make every effort to participate within the City Championship Swim Meet.  We are a group of families that support their team and understand the importance of attending this meet each year so that our outcome directly represents our efforts put forth over the entire summer swim season.  We are only as good as our parents are willing to commit to making us. At least two (2) dual swim meets will need to be attended in order to qualify for this meet.

  7. All families will commit to participating in team fundraisers as time and funds permit.  All families understand that registration fees do not completely cover the costs associated with running the program. Thus making fundraising an essential part of what we do each year.  The following items are considered fundraisers for our team:  Purchasing a team swim suit and team swim cap, purchasing team spirit wear, Family Fun Night, Laser Tag Night, participating in the Team Leaping for Laps and various other fundraisers as defined throughout the season.  Please make sure to participate!