Autumn Ridge Swim Team Communication

The best way to speak with a coach is to meet them after practice.  They usually make themselves available for ten minutes to answer questions, provide information, etc.  Sending an e-mail to the coach is a good way to get information or ask them questions as well.  Please do not try to approach a Coach during practice time. They have been instructed by the PAB not to answer questions from parents during practice time.

The team maintains a website ( that is updated frequently and contains information about the team including activities, pictures, our current meet schedule, location of hosting team’s pools for swim meets and much more.  Always check the website before contacting others for information. Many of your questions can be answered there.

If you feel you may have missed an e-mail or accidentally deleted an e-mail, all e-mails can be found at our website.  Please note that e-mails will include changes to schedules, activity information, meet information and much more.  The website will also have a copy of this handbook for your review.  

The Autumn Ridge Swim Team PAB and Coaches can be reached by e-mail.  Please note that many reminders will be sent out over the course of the season by e-mail from the Team Secretary Erin Greenlee @ [email protected]
  It is each family’s responsibility to provide current e-mail contact information at the beginning and during the course of the season if your e-mail were to change.  E-mail is considered to be the very best way for you to receive information and almost all communication will be done via e-mail.

Family Mailbox
For your convenience of receiving and distributing information, there is a “Family Mailbox” located on the pool deck during both morning and evening practice times.  This “mailbox” is black in color with a clear colored top.  Within it will be a manila file folder with the last name of each family who has registered as a member of the team for the season.  These file folders are placed in alphabetical order by last name.

We are asking that each family check their mailbox on a daily basis.  Many times awards and other items are placed within the Family’s Mailbox and new information cannot be placed within the mailbox until old information has been taken out.  There simply is not a lot of room within each mailbox to house all correspondence for the entire season. 

It should also be noted that the Coaches have their own manila folder for you to place correspondence within as necessary.  It is expected that you should receive a reply from a Coach within 48 hours of a request being placed within their mailbox.  However, we suggest that you first e-mail them, text them  or speak with them directly before placing any information within their mailbox without their prior knowledge. 

All swim meet results can be found on the team's website.  These results are placed there so that families can review how their child performed at any meet they may have participated within.  As new meet results are obtained, old meet results may be removed if needed and placed within a historical information file for the coaches to track the progress of each swimmer.  Please feel free to contact the Head Coach when meet result information is no longer available.

Message Board/Gate Entrance to the Pool
Periodically we will have urgent messages posted on the gate that is at the entrance to the pool.  Please make sure you take the time to read this information upon entering the pool.  We will also have the team calendar and various other forms of communication posted within our Swim Team Message Board located in the hallway next to the entrance to the pool.  We cannot stress enough how important is for you to stay informed so that your child does not miss out on any opportunity.

We have also chosen to participate in the world of social media.  Please check us out on Facebook!  There will be many exciting pictures and some information that demonstrates our constant commitment to providing a safe, fun and rewarding environment for all who choose to become a part of our summer swim team family!