Swimmer Groups

Swimming Groups

The Rapids offers a comprehensive program of instruction and training for competitive swimming. Swimmers are divided by age and train according to their abilities.

Ages 5-18 are eligible for the team (age on June 1st). Ages outside of this need a waiver granted by Roswell Recreation & Parks Department.

For swimmers new to the team, we can schedule a quick tryout with the coach (as soon as it is warm enough to get in the pool) to determine if swim team is a good fit. We also might hold open tryouts the first week of practice if we have lots of new swimmers.

Your child does not have to be an accomplished swimmer to join the Rapids.  Our team is composed of new, recreational and competitive swimmers. Our goal is to make the season fun and challenging for all levels.

If you are not sure if you child will pass tryouts, you can wait until after tryouts to register

Email us at if you would like to speak to someone further about these requirements. Click here for info on how to register for the Rapids.


Age groups Minimum skill requirements for meet participation
6 & under 25 yards freestyle, dive in feet first
7 & 8 25 yards freestyle and backstroke, dive in head first
9 & 10 25 yards freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, dive in head first
11 & 12 50 yards using all competitive strokes, dive in head first
13 & 14 50 yards using all competitive strokes, dive in head first
15 - 18 50 yards using all competitive strokes, dive in head first


Children who are good swimmers but don't quite meet the minimum requirements at tryouts can still practice with the Rapids! If they show up to practice every day and are willing to learn, we are usually able to get them competing in meets later in the season.