- Calendar FAQ

How does the calendar work?

The Team Calendar contains practice dates/times/locations for all of our practice groups, meet information, deadlines, and team events.  It is a Google calendar, so it is exportable to your own electronic calendar.  Looking at the entire calendar can be a bit overwhelming, so we have designed it to be flexible for your family’s needs.

In the default view, only some of the calendars are selected.  You can choose to select the calendars you want to view by clicking the checkmarks along the top.


The calendar may be viewed by month, week, or agenda by using the tabs in the upper right of the calendar.


How do I import the calendar to my device?

Some families prefer to import the calendar to their own electronic device.  Click the “+Google Calendar” button in the lower right corner to add to your personal calendar.  Follow the on-screen instructions for your individual situation.  Any changes we make to the calendars will immediately show up on your device.

What does it mean when the calendar indicates TBD?

It means "To Be Determined".  Check the calendar again at a later date to determine the practice/event status.


What if I can't see the entire calendar in my browser window?

Click on the "Launch Full Screen" button.