SMS/Text set-up

How to Set-up SMS/Text Messaging

You will need to complete the process below for each SMS/Text number you enter on your account.

  1. log into your account at (Note: you can only log-in with the primary email address and password - secondary emails are not valid log-in emails).
  2. click on the My Account link on the left vertical menu, and that will expand the menu
  3. on the expanded "my account" menu, click on the "my account" option (yes, it is two layers of "my account")
  4. Add or modify an SMS and Carrier and click Save.
  5. Click Unverified above the SMS field.
  6. Look for a text from notifications+teamalias and open it.
  7. Either tap the link to verify and click Cancel on the My Account screen, or note the 4 digit code and enter it in the Verification Code field in My Account, then click Verify.
  8. The SMS number will now be verified. If you get an error, repeat the process, starting at step 4.

If your swimmer has SMS text messaging, please click on the "member tab" on your account screen and use the same process to set-up text messaging for them as well.