Rapids Youth Swim Team Frequently Asked Questions


New families

How do I find out more about the team?

There are many ways. This website has almost all the information you need about the team. While you are deciding to join please subscribe to our New and prospective email list to get timely information and important dates about the upcoming season. We have a parent's meeting on 15 April 2008, 6pm at the BJCAB adjoining the pool where you can get information about the team, and meet our coaches, board, and other parents. Our Join Us page has detailed instructions on how to join. If you want to contact us for more information, please email We would be happy to chat via email or we could give you a call and discuss if you would like.

Does my child need previous swim team or competitive swim experience?

Not at all. Some of our swimmers are year-round swimmers, but as a summer league team the Rapids have many swimmers that have never swam competitively before joining our team.

We do have minimum requirements for Rapids swimmers based on their age group.

What minimum skill level is needed to swim meets with the Rapids?

For swimmers new to the Rapids, during their first practice of the season, we will do a quick tryout to ensure swim team is a good fit.

Our youngest swimmers (6 & Under age group) should be able to jump in feet first and swim the width of the pool (25 yards unassisted)

For swimmers in the 7/8 year-old age group, they should be able to dive-in head first and swim at least the width of the pool (25 yards) unassisted.

For swimmers in the 9/10 year-old age group, they should be able to dive in head first and swim at least the width of the pool (25 yards) unassisted using freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke

For swimmers 11 and up, they should be able to dive in head first and swim at least 50 yards unassisted using freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.


How much does it cost to swim with the Rapids?

Two fees are required for each swimmer: the Roswell Rec fee ($98 for residents, $147 for non-residents) and the Rapids Booster Club/Atlanta Swim Association League Fee ($73 total comprised of the $45 Rapids booster club fee and the $28 ASA League Fee). Note that the league fee will be increase by $9 after April 1st and by $14 after June 1st as the league imposes a late fee.

No other fees are required to swim with the Rapids; however, we do have a team suit every year and most swimmers want to have a team suit. Suits will be $53 for girls and $40 or $31 for boys depending on style. You will want to purchase some swim goggles if you don't have any. A typical range for kid's goggles is $12 to $20. We sell goggles at all team functions for your convenience.


What is the difference between the IM and the Medley Relay?

The Individual Medley (IM) is an individual event swum in the middle of the meet. One swimmer performs all four strokes consecutively in a specific order. The IM is always swum in the following "IM order": butterfly(FL), backstroke (BA), breaststroke (BR), and freestyle (FR). Only 7& Ups swim IM. It is unclear why butterfly is first in IM, but it is the most taxing stroke, and since one person is doing all 4 strokes, it makes sense to do it first.

The Medley Relay (MR) is a relay event, always swum at the beginning of our meets, and consists of four (4) swimmers, each swimming a different stroke. The Medley Relay consists of the same strokes as IM, but the order is different. The Medley relay order is backstroke (BA) , breaststroke (BR), butterfly(FL) , freestyle (FL). Note that BA, BR, FL, FR is in alphabetical order. Only 7 & Ups swim MR. The reason backstroke is first in MR is because it is the only stroke that starts in the water.

How many events can my kids swim each meet?

The simple answer that applies to most cases is that league rules limit a swimmer to 2 individual events and 2 relays (one medley and one free) that score points for the team. This prevents a team from swimming their best swimmer in every event. A swimmer can also swim one exhibition (non-scoring) event.

What is the more complicated answer?

The more complicated answer is a swimmer may enter a third individual scoring event to fill all legal lanes provided all other swimmers from that team in that age group are entered in at least two individual scoring events. A swimmer may not enter in more than three individual scoring events unless all other swimmers in that age group are entered in three individual scoring events and so on. Therefore a swimmer may enter every event in the meet provided the required numbers of swimmers have been entered in the required number of individual scoring events. Coaches may enter swimmers in exhibition events with the following limitations: A swimmer may not be entered in more than one exhibition event unless they are only swimming exhibition events, and the maximum number of exhibition events that a swimmer can compete in is two events.