Assistant Coaches

Assistant Coach Hiring Instructions

Getting hired as coach for the Rapids is a multi-step process that takes a few weeks to complete.  Please get started as soon as possible! Contact the head coach, [email protected] and the aquatics director, Craig Fuller, [email protected], for help and guidance.

  1. Apply online for a Rapids Coach position with the city. If you also want to lifeguard, you only have to fill out one application. It can be either the coach or the lifeguard application. Just let Craig know your plans.
  2. Once the application comes back from the city, the Aquatics Director will schedule an interview with you. Craig usually waives this if you have worked for him before and done well.
  3. Attend the interview.
  4. If the interview goes well, you will get an email with a link to the hiring packet. There are several documents with lots of signatures, dates, and initials needed, which are completed electronically.  
  5. You will receive a separate email with information and a form to complete your physical/drug screen. Print the form in the email, visit the facility listed in your email for physical/drug test. Results will go directly to the City. If you are under 18, your parent has to go with you.
  6. Take your identification to Room 100 at City Hall to meet I-9 requirements.
  7. The City will review and approve your hiring packet and then you are officially hired
  8. If new to coaching/life guarding or if you need recertification, take and pass a lifeguard class.
  9. Do a coaching certification course through Summer League Swim and pass with at least an 80%. Also sign up for a background check. We will give you a code to use so you don't have to pay.
  10. Give the head coach your availability for the summer. List which days you are not available and what times of day you are not available. If lifeguard certified, give head coach your certification expiration date (2 years from date on certificate.)
  11. Write up a biography for the website and send a photo (with your face visible) to [email protected]
  12. You will have to register with the Booster club and pay the fees, but you will NOT have to register for youth swim through the Roswell Rec and Parks
  13. You can now coach and make lots of money!