SLS Handbook

Summer League Swimming Handbook

All swimmers who Join the Rapids will also be a member of Atlanta Swimming Association.  They have partnered with Summer League Swimming, so Rapids will also be a member of SLS as well.  This will include criminal background checks of the coaches and board members since they regularly interact with the swimmers.  The SLS also provides liablity protection for ASA and for the Rapids, so we require all parents to read the SLS Handbook and to sign a liablity waiver.


The Summer League Summer Handbook

The Handbook includes:

  1. The Rules, Terms, & Conditions of SLS Membership
  2. Youth Protection Program
  3. Risk Management Program
  4. Waiver of Liability, including COVID-19 language
The Youth Protection Program is very thorough. Every adult who has contact with a child should review this section of the Handbook. Pay particular attention to the section on “Grooming.”