Programs: CPAC is furthering its' fundamental mission of promoting aquatics, sports, and safety by registering as a year-round, community based USA Swim Club and US Masters Club, while developing an innovative partnership with local schools. In addition, we will be launching other aquatics oriented programs.

Some History: Do you remember, in 2001, our broken, condemned, and defunded 1940's Chastain Park Swimming Pool surrounded by barbed-wire fences 12 feet off the edge of the water? Or how about the dilapidated bath house back then - a bad and distant memory. Well, we have come a long way together, since saving the Chastain Pool from demolition and sale, as well as creating our champion Tidal Waves summer swim team. It is now time to take things to the next level and serve our greater community even better by having Year-Round swimming for the 1st time in the pool's 77 year history.