ASA Championships

2018 Atlanta Swimming Association Championship Meet

The Summer Olympics have only been held in the United States 4 times.   Fortunately, one of those  times was right here in our own backyard in Atlanta.  The percentage of swimmers in the United Stated who can say "I swam in the 1996 Summer Olympic Pool" is very low!  The ASA Championship Meet at GA Tech is an opportunity to give your swimmer the experience of a lifetime.  No matter their skill level, they will swim in the pool where USA Olympians won 13 gold, 11 silver, and 2 bronze medals.  Mark your calendar to give them the chance to participate in this exciting event and create their own legacy at the 1996 Olympic Pool.  

This years meet will be held with Divisionals on Friday, June 29th & Finals on Saturday, June 30th.  All swimmers are encouraged to swim on Friday, July 1st (prelims).  The top 10 relays times, top 30 individual 10 & under times, and top 20 individual 11 & over times from the combined results of all divisional meets that weekend, will be asked to compete on Saturday the 2nd for the Championship title. More information regarding this event will be posted later.