Parent Volunteers

Hello Parent Volunteers & welcome to the 2020 season!

Descriptions of job responsibilities are below. You may work a full shift or share your shift with another family member or employee. Please note: if your child is swimming in a meet you are required to volunteer for a job or arrange someone to fulfill it for you.


Open jobs will be randomly assigned to families that have a swimmer coming and have not chosen a volunteer position.

Below is a job description for all positions needed to run a smooth swim meet. You will have the opportunity to sign up for your chosen job before a swim meet. All open jobs will be assigned on a rotational basis. Sign up early!

Set up:

Set up volunteers are needed for our home meets. The pool closes at 3:30pm and Set-up volunteers should be at the pool at 3:30pm. They mark the judges area, rope off an area for the referee and set up the backstroke flags and lane ropes They will also securely anchor all 6 diving blocks. Any sponsor banners will also be hung at this time. Pool furniture will need to be rearranged and bull pen tents and signage will need to be set up for all age groups. Make sure that trash cans are located in close proximity to bullpen areas and concessions. Lower pool will be gated off with lounge chairs so there is no temptation to use that pool. All coaches will be assisting parent volunteers with set up as they can. For away meets, you will help set up tents.

Deck Manager:

This person is in charge of the ready area and shall line up all swimmers on the deck for their event. He/she will be provided with the heat sheet listing names of all swimmers in all event. He/she shall notify each swimmer to wait behind the starting block until the starter take over control of the race. He/she must be assertive in getting swimmers in their lane.


Bull Pen/Shepard Coordinator:

Working the bull pen is key to getting our swimmers ready on time and not miss any events. make sure all swimmers stay in the bull pen area. Let the swimmers know who you are and why you are there - especially for the younger age groups. The parent volunteers are required to follow the heat sheet and keep track of the swimmers and their events. You should write the events on the swimmers arm to help them remember what events they are swimming if it hasn't been done already. Familiarize yourself with the arm writing procedure so you know the correct order of strokes and swimmers in a relay and how to line the kids up including which end of the pool they should line up at. Swimmers are to ask permission before leaving the are for restroom breaks, concessions, etc. It is very important that they remain in the swimmer's area during the meet so that they do not miss their events. We don't want the bullpen coordinators to have to search for swimmers. Bull pen coordinators will bring the swimmers to the starting area when it is their turn to swim and make sure they know they are to return to the bullpen after they have finished swimming their event. Make sure the bullpen is left clean when the meet is complete.

Computer Operator:

One computer operator shall be provided from each team. They shall work together at the table provided. They will input the results from each event as reflected on the completed UK Judges Placing Form into the computer immediately after each event. A running score shall be kept at all times. Upon completion of the meet each team shall receive a copy of the final meet results. It is suggested that teams alternated this job every group of event and assist each other with the checking and input of times and places.

Judges Recorder:

The home team will supply a judge's recorder. This person will place himself/herself next to the place judges with their own copy of the UK Judges Placing Form. When the race is finished and the judges and starter/referee have ruled on the place finishes, he/she will record the places in the appropriate block on the UK Judges Placing Form. For swimmers who have been disqualified by the starter/referee the judge's recorder will write 'DQ' in the place block for that swimmer. The judge's recorder then passes the complete UK Judges Placing Form to the Master recorder. The Judge's Recorder has no say in the order of finish and should not attempt to influence the place judges.

Master Recorder:

Each team will provide a Master Recorder. The master recorder collects the UK Judges Placing Form from the Judge's Recorder when the event is complete and enters all the swimmers' times in the Time column of the UK Judges Placing Forms noted by the recording timer. With all places and times recorded, the master recorder will deliver the completed UK Judges Placing Form to the scoring table directly or via the runner.

Place Judges:

Each team shall provide a place judge. The judges must in all events and at all times command a clear view of the race and finish line. Judges shall not serve as timers in the same race. The judges are to judge the place finishes as they see them. The judges are to write the place finish on the UK Judges Placing Form. After that, the judges's recorder will copy that order of finish on the Judges Place Form. The place judges override the times and the starter/referee over rides the place judges if there is a dispute.

In a lane 8 pool a third finish judge will be used to cover all non scoring places. The first 2 judges will be responsible for all scoring places plus one place. The third judge will be responsible for the remaining non-scoring places. To avoid confusion it is advised that only 6 lanes be swum in an 8 lane pool during the scoring heat. The home team should provide the third place judge.

Ribbon Writers:

Ribbon writers shall be responsible for placing the completed ribbon labels on the appropriate award and placing them into a box for the appropriate team. Ribbons should be placed in two separate boxes and given to each team at the end of the meet.

Olde Atlanta Club ribbons should be filed directly into the child's folder in our team box. The swimmers will then pick up their ribbons the following Friday.


The home team shall provide a minimum of one runner at all times during the meet. Runners will be responsible for collecting the UK Judges Placing Sheet from the Master Recorder. The runner should take these promptly to the scorer's table. This position can be eliminated if the scoring table is in close enough proximity that the master recorders can deliver the score sheet without slowing the meet. At home meets we need runners, at away meets we may not need them.


At all meets times shall be taken on each lane. Each team shall provide two timers for each of their team's lanes. In a five lane pool the home team will provide two timers for the fifth lane. One of the timers will operate the watch and the other will record the times on the lane timer worksheet. In all events, at all times, the timer must have a clear view of the race and finish line. The timer shall look at the starter's gun and start the watch at the instant of the flash of the starting device. The timer shall stop the watch immediately when any part of the swimmer's body touches the solid end of the pool as defined by the USS rulebook.The second timer shall record times on the timer's worksheet and communicate these times to the master recorder who shall record them on the score sheet. Teams using automatic timing systems for their meets should have one timer from each team in each lane as opposed to 2 timers from the same team in each lane.

Clean Up:

Clean up volunteers will take down the flags, lane ropes, backstroke flags, and diving blocks with the assistance of the coaches. The pool deck area must be free of trash and all trash bags from garbage cans should be taken to the dumpster. Trash cans should be relined with plastic bags. Put ladders back in the pool and put the?furniture and umbrellas back around the pool. Make sure the pool is ready to open for Friday morning. ?For away meets, you can help take down and pack up tents and clean up trash.

The Starter Referee is provided by the league to act as an impartial third party. This person is responsible for any conflicts that may arise during the course of the meet. The starter referee will start all races and act as a stroke and turn judge during the event. If the starter referee decides to disqualify a swimmer during an event he/she will signal by raising his/her hand and inform the place judges of the disqualification at the end of the event. At times the referee may be late or may not be able to show up. In this case, a person shall be appointed with the consent of both teams to act as the starter referee. The two teams need to work out any of these potential difficulties between each other when they occur.


Arm Marking

E# H L

Mark your child's arm before the meets on Thursday with Event number, Heat, and Lane with a sharpie. Also, write their name on their back with a sharpie to assist in the bullpen.


E     H     L

32    1     6

45    2     4