Team Swim Suits

Please do not order any suits at this time. We will not be changing to new suits this year if we are able to have a season or a hyphenated season. Please use a prior season suit or a black/green suit. Thank you.


2020 Suit Try-on

Swim suit try-ons will be held at the OAC Clubhouse at the Parent Meeting if we have determine to have a meeting at a later date. If you are unable to make the meeting you may purchase a suit at Swim Atlanta or via this link. Please do not order any suits until later notice on the status of the season. 

JUNIOR ORCAS do not need a suit! (but definitely can if they want to purchase one)

A plain black suit for females and males is perfectly fine if you prefer not to purchases a suit.

The 2020 pricing for the suits are detailed below, 

Speedo Coded Riff - Available in regular back, Jammer, and brief (No thick strap or low cut)
Female: $49.50, Jammer: $36.75, Brief: $33