Tryouts and meets

The Roswell Rapids Dive Team is the official competitive dive team of the Roswell Recreation & Parks Department.

The Rapids offers a comprehensive program of instruction and training for competitive diving. Divers are divided by age and train according to their abilities.

Each diver will go through a quick, informal evaluation the first day they come to practice to make sure dive team is a good fit. They must demonstrate the following two abilities:

  1. Standing front-dive off the side of the pool
  2. Ability to jump off the diving board into the deep end and swim without assistance to the diving well ladder.

During practice, we have about 10 divers per board. When kids are too afraid to dive in, it can really hold up practice. We just need to make sure they are ready to try the basic dives without taking an excessive amount of time. We also don't have anyone in the water to help, so kids must be able to safely swim a short distance unaided.

As a member of the Roswell Rapids, divers will participate in practices and competitive league meets. There are five dual meets (either at home or away team's pool) and a championship meet at Georgia Tech.