Email setup

Best Practices To Ensure Receipt of Team Emails

Please complete the following two tasks to ensure our team emails are not ending up in your spam/junk folder.

1) Add our site's sender email addresses to your contact list or whitelist.

  1. Login to your email host's interface, e.g., rather than checking an email program like Outlook or checking through your phone/tablet. Then do the following:
  2. Add [email protected] to your contacts in your email hosts's interface (e.g.
  3. Add [email protected] to your contacts in your email hosts's interface.
  4. Check your spam/junk folder for any team emails and mark them as "not spam". If you check your email from multiple devices, each device may have a separate spam/junk email folder.
  5. In Gmail, check all your category tabs for the email: Primary, Promotions, Social, Updates, and Forums.

2) Verify/validate all email addresses for your booster club website account

Please note you will need to go through the verification process below for each email on your account (i.e. primary, secondary and swimmer emails)

  1. log-in to your account at
  2. In the side menu click My Account > My Account
  3. Add or modify the email or SMS/Carrier and click Save then skip to step 6.
  4. Click Unverified above the Email to verify.
  5. Click Yes under "Resend Verification Email Now?" 
  6. Check that email account for an email titled "Verify your email," open it, and click the link in it.
  7. The email will now be verified. If you get an error, repeat the process, starting at step 4.