What equipment does my swimmer Need?
A swim suit and a lot of spirit! We will be providing a team t-shirt and cap at the start of the season. We will have information regarding the purchase of a team swim suit, and all swimmers typically swim with goggles, but they are your responsibility to purchase and of course your swimmer’s option to wear. Please make sure that the goggles are ones that are for swimming laps and not play goggles. Please do not send them with the ones with lots of things on them. Speedo goggles can be found at Target, Time Out Sports, and Walmart. Also please make sure that the suits that you send the girls in for practice are not bikinis, tankinis or have any ties on them at all.

What if my swimmer never swam competitively before?
We are still very happy to have you! We welcome all swimmers who are interested in learning the sport of competitive swimming. All 8 and under must be able to finish a 25 freestyle by the beginning of June. If they are not able to do so we will not be allowed to enter them into a meet until they can successful do so. All 9 and over swimmers must be able to complete a 50 freestyle by the beginning of June. If your swimmers are not ready to compete by the beginning of June we suggest that you look into lessons with the coaches to help your swimmers.

What is my commitment to the team?
Each swimmer makes a commitment to be at most or all practices and meets. Obviously many families have other summer commitments, but in general all swimmers are asked to attend all team functions. Parents make a commitment to serve in a volunteer position the board will put out the information about the volunteer points and requirements at a later date. All swimmers are welcome to attend both home and away meets but if your swimmer is older than 6 they are expected to attend meets both home and away to be eligible to swim in points events. We need swimmers to attend away meets. We can not win meets if we do not have swimmers to score points.

What are the coaches expectations for my swimmer?
Coaches expect swimmers to show up and do their best within their own level of swimming. All swimmers are expected to listen to the coach, show up on time and be respectful of the coach's decisions and coaching abilities.

How is a swim meet organized?
Each swim meet has four stroke events: freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, an IM event(individual medley which is 1 lap of each stroke, for a total of 4 laps or 100 meters) and relays. Each event takes place in age group order, with the 6 and under swimming first. The relays are held at the beginning and end of each meet starting with the 7&8 age group swimming first. 6 and under do not swim relays.

How long does a swim meet last?
Swim meets are designed to last around 2 hours but can last up to 3 hours or more depending on the size of the teams competing. Because summer swimming is dedicated to allowing as many swimmers to swim as often as possible, there can be a high number of exhibition heats which can cause a meet to run long. It is important to remember the exhibition heats are just as important as the points heats for many swimmers.

How does scoring at the swim meet work?
The FIRST heat of each event is a points heat, meaning that in this heat our team earns points to-ward the final score. At every swim meet, two swimmers from our team and two swimmers from the opposing team will compete for point placement.

How does the coach come up with the Heat Sheet?
Coaches work hard to come up with a strong, competitive line-up for each meet that still allows for all swimmers to get in the water as much as possible. Swimmers are required to compete in 2 or more meets for points. This will make them eligible for the championship meet, City Meet.

How does the CCAA organization work?
Check out the CCAA website at

What is the City Meet?
The City Meet is a large swim meet at the end of the season that features the top swimmers from every team from all four Leagues (Red, White, Blue and Yellow). Any registered swimmer can compete at the city meet, but teams are limited to entering 2 swimmers in each event except for relays which require 4 swimmers. A swimmer is limited to swimming 2 individual events and 2 relays over the course of the entire meet with the exception of the Individual Medley. A swimmer may swim 5 times in one meet if one of the events is the I.M.

Under special circumstances a swimmer may swim more than 4 times in a meet due to a small number of swimmers in that age group. If there are not enough swimmers in a certain age group some swimmers may be moved up in an age group to help fill the empty spots. For relays we will have alternates in place.

City Meet will be held this year July 12-14, 2019 at Crowfield Golf and Country Club. The breakdown is as follows:
Friday, July 12th 11/12 age group (warmups begin at 4:00)
Saturday, July 13th 7/8 and 9/10 age groups (warmups begin at 7:30)
Sunday, July 14th 13/14 and 15/18 age groups (warmups begin at 7:30).

We ask that parents try not to plan vacations until they talk to the coaching staff about their swimmer and the possibility of them swimming in City Meet. 

When will I know if my swimmer made the City Meet team?
Typically right after the final swim meet of the regular season city meet swimmers will be notified. In general, the swimmers with the top two best times in each event will be competing at City Meet. It is important to remember that the City Meet is where our team receives it's official team rank so it is vital to be as competitive as possible. 
City Meet heat sheet has to be completed by July 5th. We will make calls this day to ask the kids to be part of the City Meet team.

What is the role of the coaches?
Our coaches act as role models for our swimmers in regard to good sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation, manners and team spirit. We ask all swimmers and parents to offer their support whenever possible. Feel free to contact the head coach by e-mail, or before or after practice. Coaches will be busy with many duties during practice and need to be focused on the swimmers. Any questions regarding swimming issues should be directed to the coaches. Any management issues should be directed to a board member. Coaches will make sure that all swimmers are taught the correct strokes, starts and turns, and will recommend additional assistance if necessary. Coaches will keep times on each swimmer and update the records regularly. The coaches have the final say in completing heat sheets for the swim meets. Please get to know our coaches. This helps everyone communicate and get a better understanding of how the swimmers are progressing.

What are the team participation and behavior expectations?
We ask all families to discuss the information included in the swimmers agreement with their swimmers. This encompasses the team policy and rules for participation and behavior. We will have a large number of swimmers and although our disciplinary issues and problems have been few in the past, we feel the need to clarify our position for the safety and well-being of all swimmers. Any problems that arise will be dealt with “one-on-one” between the swimmer and the coaches. If necessary, parents will be contacted. If difficulties persist, the Swim Team Board may be asked to intervene, and although we hope any problems can be readily resolved, the coaches and board do reserve the right to ask a swimmer not to return to the team should that be necessary. PLEASE discuss the agreement with your swimmer and return the signed form to the coaches during the first week of practice.

What is the tobacco and alcohol policy?
Alcohol and tobacco products are prohibited at all Coastal Carolina Aquatic Association (CCAA) events. CCAA swimming is an organized children’s sporting competition. As such, in keeping with the policies of USA Swimming, and all other organized children’s sporting leagues, the use of alcohol and tobacco are prohibited at CCAA swim meets. The CCAA recognizes that many of our member pools are located at country clubs that service patrons other than those attending the swim meet. The league expects those teams to restrict access to the pool deck area for people who are being served alcohol or using tobacco products. Direct contact with the swimmers and the pool deck area is to be restricted.