Meet Information

General Meet Information

The Fun Meet gives the swimmers and parents an opportunity to get acquainted with how a meet will operate.  Our Hy-Crest Team will be divided in half (coaches will divide the team) and will compete in an inter-squad meet.  In this meet and all meets to follow, you can expect your child to swim from 2 – 5 events in each meet. Some of these will be as an exhibition swimmer/diver. The coach will decide regular heats vs. exhibition based on the child ability, or to give the child the chance to compete in an event they don’t normally swim. All swimmers/divers swimming an exhibition heat in 6&under and 8&under will receive an exhibition ribbon.


The team sets up camp together for every meet.  Our home “camping” place is in the lawn along the fence of the baby pool.  All swimmers are expected to clean up their trash before leaving the meet.  It also helps if you can pitch-in and clean up a mess a neighbor may have left.  Each week an age group will be designated to clean up the “camping” grounds before they leave.


Coaches write the lineup the day before and make final changes the day of the meet.  All absence notes need to be turned in no later than the day before the meet.  There will be two bulletin boards propped up on the fence (around the baby pool) that will show that evening’s lineup.  Parents and swimmers need to take note of the events that their child will be swimming and listen for the announcer to call them to report for their event.


For the younger children (8&U, 6&U) we will have a CLERK OF COURSE along the baby pool fence. This will be staffed by volunteers and is an area for the swimmers to report to when the announcer calls their event. The clerk of course will line up the swimmers and escort them to the starting blocks.


Please remember that THE ONLY people allowed to stand at either end of the pool (behind the starting blocks or at the diving end inside the roped off area) are the swimmers, timers, and officials. It is important to recognize how difficult it is for the timers and officials to do their jobs if the area behind the blocks is crowded with spectators, parents etc. The only exception to this rule is when the swimmers themselves stand at the diving end of the pool to cheer on their team mates. If you are ever timing at that end of the pool and the enthusiastic cheering squad is in your way, feel free to ask them to back up.


After your child has finished his/her race, the coaches like to congratulate them on job well done and offer works of encouragement. Have your child report to the guard chair on the old diving board side of the pool immediately after their event to get feedback from the coach. (It doesn’t take long for the kids to figure this out; the coach has a treat for them!) Swim meets are exciting events but may overwhelm smaller children. Be prepared to calm some pre-race jitters and remind your child that it is the process and not the finish that is important.


Each Tuesday the coaches will present 3 Swimmers-of-the-Week and 1 Diver of the Week.  Coaches award swimmers/divers for their dedication and hard work throughout the week so this is an honor to receive. The award includes having the winners their picture posted on the bulletin board and being mentioned in the Bullfrog Bulletin.


Concessions are available at every meet. Please consider having a delicious hamburger, hot dog, or chicken sandwich served by our wonderful volunteers. Not only will it help you out on those crazy swim meet night, but also helps the team raise money to defray the cost of operations. Goggles, swim caps, and team spirit wear are also located in the concession area. Thanks for your support!